LOTI Special : 24 hour stream fundraiser


Hey there everyone. This is a special post to let you know about a 24 hour stream that Espo is doing to help with an unexpected life event. We recently discovered that Ariannwyn needed surgery for a condition known as Esotropia. She has double vision and will need the surgery to correct it.

Espo wanted to do something crazy to help out and he setup a 24-hour stream to raise awareness and funds to help with the costs. Come join us on the stream as we continue today!

If you get this after the fact and want to see how it went, more of the story or to donate, please visit the site here: http://www.legendoftheinnkeeper.com/eyes

We are streaming RIGHT NOW: http://www.twitch.tv/LOTIPodcast

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Vastidious is a long time gamer, father to Ariannwyn and doesn't read the text on the cards.

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