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  • The Fall Reveal, has been revealed!  
  • New Expansion – Madness at the Darkmoon Faire
    • New Keyword: Corrupt
    • System Revamp
    • New Game Mode: Duels
  • Expansion Details
    • Releases on November 17th 
    • PrePurchase is available now
      • Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Bundle – $39.99
        • 45 MDF packs 
        • 1 random MDF Legendary card
        • N’Zoth card back
        • Duels: Early Access
      • Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Mega Bundle – $79.99
        • 80 MDF packs
        • 5 Golden MDF packs
        • 1 random Golden MDF Legendary card
        • N’Zoth Warlock Hero
        • N’Zoth card back
        • Battlegrounds Perks
    • New Keyword: Corrupt
      • You corrupt a card by playing a higher cost card than the card with that keyword.  So for example, Fleethoof Pearltusk, 5 mana, 4/4 Beast, Rush. Corrupt: Gain +4/+4.  If you play a 6 mana card, and then this card, it becomes a 5 mana, 8/8 Beast with Rush.  The card will change in  your hand to the new stats when the Corrupt keyword is triggered.
    • New Legendary card, Silas Darkmoon will be available today to everyone for free.  7 mana, 4/4 Battlecry: Choose a direction to rotate all minions. (including him)
    • Mini-expansion set will be added to card packs mid-expansion that will include an additional 35 cards.  These will be added to card packs and can be crafted.
    • New Cards revealed so far
  • System Revamp
    • Progression system (Reward Track)
      • New progression system where you unlock new rewards as you play Hearthstone.  The more you play, the more you unlock. 
      • This new system will not take away ways to earn gold. Players should end up with more gold and rewards overall.
      • Includes a free track for all players and a paid track that can be unlocked by purchasing the Tavern Pass.
      • Purchasing the Tavern Pass at any point during the expansion will grant the player a Golden Silas Darkmoon Legendary card, a 10% XP boost that lasts for the duration of the expansion and all items up to your current level on the free track.
      • With the Tavern Pass, you will earn additional XP boosts, the Annhylde Alternate Warrior Hero and card back, 3 Jaina Hero skins, 3 Thrall Hero skins and one of Hearthstone’s first collectible Cosmetic coins. 
      • Cosmetic coins are obtainable by 2 means
        • Completing all 50 levels of the Reward track with the Tavern Pass
        • Collecting 135 unique MDF cards
    • Achievement system
      • New revamped achievement system based on various areas of the game. Achievements can be found in Battlegrounds, your collection, situations like killing someone with N’Zoth, ranked milestones, adventure content, and Tavern Brawls. 
      • Will be able to see exactly how many cards you have from each expansion.
      • Examples:
        • Encounter another player with the Mark of Hakkar card back
        • Finish in 1st place as Ragnaros the Firelord in Battlegrounds
        • Collection all Scholomance Academy Demon Hunter cards
        • Summon 1000 Murlocs
        • Win a game without summoning more than 1 minion
      • Collection achievements
        • If you complete a collection, you can earn special cosmetic Coin cards that work like Heroes and card backs. Allows you to replace your Coin card with the special coin you earned.  
        • The achievement is completed when you get all the cards of an expansion, including all Legendaries.  However, going forward, they are going to start releasing mini-card expansions in between the main expansions that will increase the card size of an expansion.  For example, MDF will have 135 cards at launch.  The mini-expansion will add an additional 35 cards, bringing the total to 170.  You only need 135 to unlock the collection achievement.
    • New Quest System
      • Quests will now award XP on the Reward Track.
      • Added Weekly quests, starting every week on Monday at 12am PT. You get 3 weekly quests to complete which are more difficult than your normal daily quests. 
      • You can reroll a weekly quest once per day
      • Daily Quests while they now reward XP, they are still functionally the same.
      • Legendary Quests will no longer override your Daily Quests. They are a series of special event quests that cannot be rerolled.
    • New Profile Page
      • A central location to view your ranks and more and will continue to expand
      • Will include lifetime stats for your account including:
        • Current rank in both constructed Standard and Wild
        • Current Battlegrounds rating
        • Current Duels rating
        • Total number of wins in Arena
        • Class levels and number of wins per class
        • Next card reward for classes under 60
        • Progress towards Golden portrait for classes at level 60
  • New Game Mode: Duels!
    • Early access starts today with the patch.
    • Basically it’s a PvP Dungeon Run
    • Create your deck using your collection.
    • The initial deck will be 16 cards in size.
    • Choose a Hero and a Signature Treasure, then build a deck however you like.
    • Available cards will be from a list of card sets, not Standard or Wild, but a list of allowed expansions and will change in the future.
      • First season
        • Scholomance Academy
        • One Night in Kharazan
        • Curse of Naxxramas
        • Basic
        • Classic
    • 2 modes to play, Casual which is free, and later there will be a Heroic mode, where you pay for a ticket and gain rewards, similar to how Arena works.
    • Heroic mode won’t be available until Nov 17th
      • A run will cost 150 gold or a Tavern Ticket ($1.99), which will replace Arena Tickets and will give you access to either Arenas or Heroic Duels.
      • If you have Arena Tickets still, they will convert and be usable with Duels!
    • Users the same Rating system as Battlegrounds, but is separate. Your run ends if you lose 3 times or win 12 times.
    • Season One Theme: Wizard Duels
  • Patch update today 
    • Battleground Updates
      • New Hero
        • Zephrys, the Great – Three Wishes : If you have two copies of a minion, find the third (3 wishes left)
      • Parties adjustments
        • Post game ratings will no longer include results between players within the same group. Your rating gains are only based on your results against players outside of your group.
        • You’ll now be matched based on the highest player rating in your group, rather than the group’s rating average. End of game rating updates will take this rating disparity into account.
        • Disabled 2-4 player Battlegrounds parties for players above 10,000 rating.
      • Standard Balance Updates
        • Evocation
          • Old Cost – 1
          • New Cost – 2
        • Astromancer Solarian 
          • Old Cost – 7
          • New Cost – 9

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