LOTI 290 : SA – Priest



What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?

Espo: Gold 4

Vastidious: Plat 6, 3 packs, 5 cards, 6 star bonus

1st pack, 2 epics (one golden), 1 rare, and a Golden Legendary (Sphere of Sapience)


  • Cupcake Card is available for purchase for $2.99 or 500 gold for a limited time
  • New Limited Time Event : The Forbidden Library (9/8-9/29)
    • Week 1
      • Battlegrounds Parties
        • Queue with up to 7 friends
        • Private game – Queue with 5 or more
        • Ranked game – Queue with 4 or less
      • Scholomance Heroes in Battlegrounds (Available 9/22, unless you have the Battlegrounds Perks.)
        • Lord Barov – Friendly Wager (Cost 1) – Guess which player will win their next combat. If they win, get three coins.
        • Jandice Barov – Swap, Lock & Shop it (Cost 0) – Swap a friendly non-golden minion with a random one in Bob’s Tavern.
        • Forest Warden Omu – Everbloom (Passive) – After you upgrade Bob’s Tavern, gain 2 Gold this turn only.
        • Micro Mummy (Tier 1 minion)
        • REMOVED: Mecharoo
        • UPDATED: Pack Leader
          • Old: 3/3 Whenever you summon a Beast, give it +3 Attack.
          • New: 2/3 Whenever you summon a Beast, give it +2 Attack.
      • Mega Wild Bundle
        • 56 packs from recently rotated expansions
    • Week 2
      • Book of Heroes solo adventure – earn a Mage pack
        • First of 10 single player updates over the next 12 months
        • Defeat 8 bosses to earn a Mage pack, containing only Mage cards from Standard.
      • Scholar Jaina Bundle
    • Week 3
      • Heroic Brawliseum
        • For 1000 gold or $9.99, enter a competitive Tavern Brawl
        • Use cards from your collection
        • Could win Dust, Gold, Card Packs or even Golden Legendary cards.
      • The Magic of Dalaran card back
  • Balance Updates
    • Secret Passage
      • Old: Replace your hand with 5 cards from your deck. Swap back next turn. 
      • New: Replace your hand with 4 cards from your deck. Swap back next turn.
    • Cabal Acolyte
      • Old: 2/6
      • New: 2/4
    • Totem Goliath
      • Old: 4/5 Overload (2)
      • New: 5/5 Overload (1)
    • Archwitch Willow
      • Old: Cost 9, 7/7 
      • New: Cost 8, 5/5
    • Darkglare
      • Old: Cost 3, 3/4 After your hero takes damage, refresh 2 Mana Crystals
      • New: Cost 2, 2/3 After your hero takes damage, refresh a Mana Crystal
    • Newly created decks will now appear at the top of your list

Espo Mode 



After a very successful dungeon run your bags are overflowing with Unidentified Loot! Take a random deck into battle and identify those items!


A Classic Card Pack for winning the Brawl once.

SA – Priest

Top 3


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