LOTI 286 : Scholomance Academy – Final Cards



What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?

Espo:Gold: 3630, Rank Silver 1

Vastidious: 1530, Rank Silver 4


  • Patch 18.0
    • New weapon frames are now in game
    • Battlegrounds Updates
      • Mr. Bigglesworth – Kel’thuzad’s Kitty – Passive – When a player dies, Discover a minion from their warband. It keeps any enchantments.
      • New Minion – Menagerie Mug – Tier 2 – 2/2 (4/4 golden) Battlecry: Give 3 random friendly minions of different minion types +1/+1 (or +2/+2 golden)
      • New Minion – Menagerie Jug – Tier 4 – 3/3 (6/6 golden) Battlecry: Give 3 random friendly minions of different minion types +2/+2 (+4/+4 golden)
      • Removed Zoobot and Menagerie Magician
    • Free Decks for new and returning players
      • Blizzard is updating the decks for new and returning players
      • Will be available in game on July 30th
      • Removed the requirement for returning players to complete the ‘returning player experience’.  As long as you’ve been gone for 120 days.
  • Starting August 6, players will receive a random Scholomance Academy Legendary class card just for logging in, and can complete a chain of Legendary Quests to earn a total of six Scholomance Academy card packs!
  • Enter to win a Scholomance Academy Standard pre-purchase pack via Twitter: https://gleam.io/JwXzv/scholomance-academy-standard-prepurchase-bundle
    • This is provided by Blizzard for us to give to our listeners.  

Espo Mode 

Just Macaws


Webspinners are so passé, macaws on the other hand…macaws are the future! Take flight with a deck of 23 Jeweled Macaws and 7 random class spells.


A Classic Card Pack for winning the Brawl once.

Scholomance Academy Cards

Top 3

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