LOTI 274 : AoO – Demon Hunter



What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?

Espo: Played the new hero… what’s it called? Purchased about a 1.5 packs a day with gold and opened Al’ar and Astromancer Solarian.

Rank: Gold 5

What level is your DH? 32

Vastidious: Mostly played Mage.  Some updates here and there .. 

Rank: Gold 6

Demon Hunter Level : 22


  • BlizzCon 2020 Status
    • Blizzard posted that things are still up in the air.  Hoping it will look better at the end of the year, but health is the top consideration.
  • Demon Hunter Adjustments Made
    • Skull of Gul’dan – Mana cost increased from 5 to 6
    • Imprisoned Antaen – Mana cost increased from 5 to 6
    • Eye Beam – Outcast Mana cost increased from 0 to 1
    • Aldrachi Warblades – Durability decreased from 3 to 2
  • Other changes that are coming
    • Sacrificial Pact
    • Bad Luck Albatross
    • Frenzied Felwing
    • Kael’thas
  • Potential Wild changes
    • Open the Waygate
    • Bloodbloom
  • Upcoming Outland Inn-Vitational (April 21st – 9am-2pm PST)
    • New format called Demon Hunter Duel-fest. 
      • Both teams play against each other through 4 rounds of best-of-three matches.
      • Each player will represent one of the ten classes and play as the same one each match. In rounds 2 and 4, one full team will play as the Demon Hunter
      • $100,000 prize pool with bonuses
    • Twitch drops will be enabled
      • Watch 2 hours and get an AoO pack, another 2 hours and get another
  • Lots of Questions answered by Dev on Reddit (several chosen out of the list)
    • Would like to revisit a collection manager in the future, especially for mobile
    • Might see more Rogue Secrets in the future
    • Priest’s Basic/Classic set being monitored and might see more changes
    • Hand mechanics might appear in the Battlegrounds in the future
    • Next upcoming event will be an Outlandish take on the Fire Festival
    • New Tribes is something we might see in the future if it makes sense with the theme
    • Elementals might be the next tribe added to Battlegrounds
    • Spectating a friend while drafting a deck might be something we see in the future
    • Considering the option to allow players to upgrade their cards to Golden forms
    • New Rogue skin will be a ‘Legendary Character’ but won’t see it anytime soon
    • Team 5 has more than 100 people total
    • The next Alternate Hero spoiler : “Siblings are always such a pain…”
    • Will be able to re-arrange our decks in the collection in this expansion phase
    • The newest game mode that will be introduced with the second expansion this year will allow you to work with your collection and even with cards from the past
      • There won’t be any restrictions about what you can put in your deck or not
      • There will be achievements for cards from older expansions so keep your cards from Wild

Espo Mode 

Dr. Boom’s Ignoblegarden


Dr. Boom is tired of eggs and bunnies! Choose a class and find the treats he hid in your deck!


A Classic Card Pack

1/7 Priest, Mage, Hunter, Warlock, Rogue… finally won with Priest

Demon Hunter

Top 5


Vastidious: Battlefiend, Hulking Overfiend, Skull of Gul’dan, Imprisoned Antaen, Priestess of Fury, 

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