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  • Year of the Phoenix Roadmap
    • Phase 1 we will discuss in detail below.
      • Duplicate Protection
        • Extending this protection from not just Legendaries, but to cards of ALL rarities.  
        • You will no longer receive more than two copies of any Common, Rare or Epic until you have owned two copies of all cards of that rarity in a set.
        • Crafting counts towards acquiring it
        • And all cards you acquire and later disenchant (golden or non-golden) count as well.
        • Does not affect the overall distribution of rarities in card packs
      • Free Deck for New and Returning Players
        • Starting March 26th, players new to the game who graduate from the New Player ranks, will get a free deck from the class of their choice, built with cards from the Year of the Dragon.
        • This also applies to players who have not logged into the game for the past 4 months. (Beginning on March 17th)
        • 1 per account
      • Rank Revamp
        • Starting in April, they are replacing the existing ladder with a new league system.  There will be 5 leagues, each with 10 ranks.
        • All players start at Bronze 10 this time around.
        • Leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Legend
        • New player ranks will have their own league, that runs from 40-1.
        • Legend ranks work the same as they do now.
        • At the beginning of the season, each player is awarded a star bonus based on their performance the previous season. It’s a multiplier on the stars you earn each win.  If you have a 5x Star Bonus, and win a game, you get 5 stars instead of 1. If you have a win streak, it doubles, to 10 stars.
        • Upon hitting each ranked floor, your Star Bonus will be reduced by one.
        • When playing with a Star Bonus, you’ll be matched based on your MMR.
        • Reworked the rewards you earn at the end of each season of Ranked play.  Your reward chest can now contain card packs from the latest expansion, Rare cards and even an Epic card based on the rank you achieve.
        • 5 wins at any rank, will award the seasonal card back immediately, instead of at the end of the season.
        • Brand new first time rewards.
    • Phase 2
      • Card Expansion
      • Card Mechanics
      • Tavern Brawls
      • Battlegrounds
      • Seasonal Event
      • Balance Updates
      • New Game Mode
      • Unannounced item
    • Phase 3 
      • Card Expansion
      • Card Mechanics
      • Tavern Brawls
      • Battlegrounds
      • Seasonal Event
      • Balance Updates
      • Achievements & Progression
      • 3 Unannounced items
  • First Expansion of the Year of the Phoenix – Ashes of Outland
    • (It was noted that this year, each expansion will be distinctly different)
  • Launches April 7, 2020
  • Pre-Orders available now
    • Ashes of Outland Bundle – $49.99
      • 55 Packs
      • Serpentine Card Back
      • Golden Legendary
    • Ashes of Outland Mega Bundle – $79.99
      • 90 Packs
      • Lady Vashj Shaman Hero (you get immediately)
      • Serpentine Card Back
      • Golden Legendary
      • Tavern Pass – 4 Arena Tickets and Battlegrounds Bonuses
  • All players will receive a free copy of Kael’thas Sunstrider, available now!
  • Will have FREE PvE content following with details later
  • New Class – Demon Hunter
    • Will be available for FREE, through a 4 game introduction starting April 2nd.  You play as Illidan Stormrage.  
    • At the end, you unlock 30 Demon Hunter cards and a Year of the Dragon Demon Hunter deck, which you can play right away.
    • Every expansion in the Year of the Phoenix, will add 15 more cards, instead of the usual 10 per class.
    • Demon Hunters are Elves that made a vow to fight the forces of the Burning Legion.  Their weapon of choice is the Warglaive. They have the ability to transform, bringing out their inner demon, and attack with their claws.
    • 1 Mana Hero Power, Demon Claws “Add +1 Attack” regardless of having a weapon equipped
    • Demon Hunter specific keyword: Outcast
      • Gives you a bonus if the card is played as the left or right most in your hand.
    • 3 envisioned archetypes:
      • Weapons and Furious attacks
      • Minion swarms with empowerment on death
      • Control archetype with BIG demons
  • Primes
    • Special new Legendaries for all the original 9 classes, but not for Demon Hunter.  They all work the same way. There is a base version, which when killed, returns as a stronger version to your deck, to be drawn again and played again.  The upgraded versions have some spectacular effects.
  • Imprisoned Demons
    • When played, these minions will be dormant.  After a predetermined number of turns, they will unleash a powerful effect.
  • Tavern Pass – Perks for Battlegrounds
    • With AoO, you can purchase the Tavern Pass for $19.99 or 2500 gold. 
      • Lasts through the duration of the AoO expansion cycle
      • Advanced Stats
      • Visual Emotes
      • Third and Fourth hero to choose from at the start of a game
      • Early access to new Battlegrounds Heroes
      • If you currently have access to the BG bonus stats, choose from 3 Heroes, or visual emotes unlocked, you will get access to the equivalent perk starting on March 26. These will expire at the launch of AoO.
      • Is included in the Mega Bundle
  • Numerous Card changes coming March 26th.  
    • New Hall of Fame cards – These cards see so much play that they want to mix up the cards to make things feel fresh and new.
      • Leeroy Jenkins
      • Mountain Giant
      • Mind Control Tech
      • Acolyte of Pain
      • Spellbreaker
    • Priest Changes
      • The main reason is because some of the cards in the Basic and Classic set for Priest no longer align with the class identity or they are limiting design space.  The following cards are being moved to the Hall of Fame and replaced with new cards.
        • Northshire Cleric
        • Divine Spirit
        • Auchenai Soulpriest
        • Holy Fire
        • Shadowform
        • Prophet Velen
      • Replaced with the following:
        • Natalie Seline
        • Shadow Word: Ruin
        • Kul Tiran Chaplain
        • Power Infusion
        • Psychic Conjurer
        • Scarlet Subjugator
      • Also the following changes to other cards:
        • Holy Smite – Deal 2 damage -> Deal 3 damage to a minion
        • Holy Nova – 5 mana, Deal 2 damage to all enemies. Restore 2 Health to all friendly characters.  -> 4 mana, Deal 2 damage to all enemy minions. Restore 2 Health to all friendly characters.
        • Power Word: Shield – 1 mana, Give a minion +2 Health. Draw a card. ->  0 mana, Give a minion +2 Health.
        • Shadow Madness – 4 mana -> 3 mana
        • Shadow Word: Death – 3 mana -> 2 mana
        • Thoughtsteal – 3 mana -> 2 mana
        • Temple Enforcer – 6 mana, 6/6 ->  5 mana 5/6 
      • Card Changes
        • Spiteful Summoner – 7 mana -> 6 mana
        • Call of the Wild – 9 mana -> 8 mana
        • Lesser Emerald Spellstone – 6 mana -> 5 mana
        • Raza the Chained – Old: Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, your Hero Power costs (1) this game -> New: Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, your Hero Power costs (0) this game.
        • Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End – No longer stops casting when he leaves the board.
        • Sludge Slurper – 1/1 -> 2/1
    • Battlegrounds Updates
      • Hero Additions
        • New Hero – Fungalmancer Flurgl
          • Gone Fishing: (Passive) – After you sell a Murloc, add a random Murloc to Bob’s Tavern.
        • Sir Finley Murrglton – added back in
        • Professor Putricide – added back in
      • Hero Updates
        • The Lich King – Now (Cost 1) Give a friendly minion Reborn for the next combat only (targeted)
        • Ysera – From Cost 1 to Passive – At the start of your turn, add a Dragon to Bob’s Tavern
        • Pyramad – Now (Cost 1) Give a random friendly minion +4 Health (Was +3)
        • Millhouse Manastorm – (Passive) Minions cost 2 Gold. Refresh costs 2 Gold. Start with 3 Gold (was 2 Gold)
        • The Rat King – (Passive) Whenever you buy a Beast/Mech/Murloc/Demon/Dragon, give it +1/+2 (was +1/+1)
        • Milificient Manastorm – (Passive) Mechs in Bob’s Tavern have +2 Attack (was +1 Attack)
        • Deathwing – (Passive) ALL minions have +2 Attack (Was +3 Attack)
        • Reno Jackson – Cost changed from 4 to 3 – Make a friendly minion Golden (Once per game)
      • Minion Updates
        • Savannah Highmane – Tier 5 -> Tier 4
        • Herald of Flame – Old: 4 Health New: 6 Health, Golden goes from 8 to 12.
        • Steward of Time – Attack from 2 to 3; Golden 4 to 6
        • Kalecgos, Arcane Aspect – From 2/8 to 4/12, Golden 4/16 to 8/24
        • Nathrezim Overseer – 4 Health to 3 Health, Golden 8 to 6
        • Twilight Emissary – Old Tier 5, 6/8, Battlecry: Give a friendly Dragon +3/+3.  New: Tier 3, 4/4, Battlecry: Give a friendly Dragon +2/+2; Golden 12/16 +6/+6 to 8/8 +4/+4
      • Updates planned on March 26th
        • Dr. Boom, Mad Genius – 9 Mana to 7 mana
        • Giggling Inventor – 7 mana to 6 mana
        • Raiding Party – 4 mana to 3 mana
        • Reckless Experimenter – Removing (Cost can’t be reduced below 1)
        • Illidan Stormrage Joins the Battleground – Wingmen (Passive) Start of Combat: Your left and right-most minions attack immediately.

Espo Mode 

Three Wishes


Zephrys has blessed you with a random deck and 3 Wishes! And no wishing for more wishes!


A Classic Card Pack

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