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What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?


  • Dean Ayala – Battlegrounds post
    • Apparently Hearthpwn was able to sit down and interview Dean Ayala at the Hearthstone Summit, and they posted one of the questions they asked.
    • “Are there any plans to introduce a leaderboard or a reward structure to the Battlegrounds game mode?”
      • First need to solidify the pipeline. Frequency, balance, content updates
      • The Dragon’s patch is like 75% to 85% of what they want a big content update to look like for Battlegrounds.
      • Maybe see that type of update every 3-4 months
      • Would like to add some progression systems, or goals.
      • However first they would like to add a 8 player lobby to play with friends or for tournaments
  • Dean also announced they are going to Un-Nerf several cards
    • 5 Wild cards
    • 4 Year of the Raven cards (which are rotating to Wild)
    • 1 Year of the Dragon card
  • Battlegrounds Undocumented Update
    • Changed the number of minions available in each tier
      • Tier 1 – From 18 to 16
      • Tier 2 – 15
      • Tier 3 – 13
      • Tier 4 – 11
      • Tier 5 – 9
      • Tier 6 – From 6 to 7
    • For instance for every Tier 1 minion, like Wrath Weaver, there are now 16 available minions among everyone that plays. For every Tier 6 minion, like Kangor’s Apprentice, there are now 7 minions available. These are minions that get taken out of the pool when drafted and returned to the pool when sold, or when the owner dies.
  • Patch supposed to come out today that fixes the Android issues along with several other bug fixes.  It also removed Tirion Fordring and replaces him with Queen WagToggle.
  • New Wild Bundle in the Store
    • 24 packs for $14.99
    • Limited time – Until March 11th, 2020
    • Includes
      • 3 Classic packs
      • 3 Goblins vs Gnomes packs
      • 3 The Grand Tournament packs
      • 3 Whispers of the Old Gods packs
      • 3 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan packs
      • 3 Journey to Un’goro packs
      • 3 Knights of the Frozen Throne packs
      • 3 Kobolds & Catacombs packs
  • The Spirit of Competition Anniversary Event
    • Logging in gets you 6 free packs (2 from each expansion this year) (3/4-3/17)
    • Event specific Daily Quests with more packs
    • Special Year of the Dragon card back
    • 2 Special Tavern Brawls
      • The Burndown – Rekindled
      • Hall of Champions Brawl
  • Your Month in Hearthstone
    • I asked Blizzard where our monthly reports were and Chris Sierra let me know that “Seems we’ve had a data issue. We aren’t stopping these, just need to fix the issue and then we shall return to these!”

Espo Mode 

The Burndown – Rekindled


The Burndown returns and is better than ever! Take control of a random deck, if you lose you’ll get a copy of your opponent’s deck! How long can your deck survive THE BURNDOWN!?


A Classic Card Pack

Getting Better

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