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Your Month In Hearthstone Emails


  • Blizzard / Hong Kong controversy
    • Facts – 2 weeks ago
      • Blitzchung, during an interview with the official Hearthstone Taiwan stream, made a political statement about the situation going on in Hong Kong.
      • Blizzard took action against him, by removing him from the tournament, banning him for 1 year and taking back any prizes earned in Season 2 (which amounted to around $10,000.)  
      • Blizzard also fired the casters who were involved. 
      • Blizzard pointed back to the rules of the competition that clearly state that statements like this (with Blizzard’s discretion) are subject to removal. And they also clearly describe the potential punishment for such behavior.  The punishments placed on Blitzchung were line for line out of the rules.
      • Since then, Blizzard has issued an official statement regarding the situation.  They reversed the removal of his prize earning saying that he played fairly during the tournament and as result he gets all his winnings.  They also changed his ban to 6 months. 
      • They also changed the ban for the casters to 6 months.
    • Comments
      • If Blitzchung had said, “Long live China, down with Hong Kong” and Blizzard had reacted the same way, they would be praised and celebrated.  So I feel like they did what they had to given the situation.
      • However, I feel like that the punishment was extreme given the circumstances.  I’m glad they addressed the issues and lessened the punishment and gave back his winnings.
    • Reactions from the community
      • Numerous players have covered Reddit with messages of leaving Blizzard games in protest.  
      • Brian Kibler has stepped down as a caster of the Hearthstone Global Games.
      • About 20 Blizzard employees staged a walk out protest due to the situation.
      • Several Senators/Representatives have called out Blizzard for their actions
      • Plans announced to protest at BlizzCon.
      • I also find it funny that recently, Riot games (maker of League of Legends) announced a bunch of new updates and games (including a competitor to Hearthstone).  Many players have made vocal announcements that they are leaving Blizzard games and moving to Riot games. All this turmoil comes about around Blizzard supporting China versus Hong Kong right?  Did you guys realize that Riot games is 100% owned by TenCent, which is 100% Chinese owned? How is that better? <shakes head>


The schedule has been released.  LOTS of Coming Soon! Slots. The only solids is the Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone updates.  On Day 2 there are Overwatch updates and WoW Q&A slots and more Coming Soon! Slots.

The Floor Map was also released.  Looks a bit different from last year.  


New additions: Blizzard Arcade down where ticketing and the store was.  The store is over where the Hearthstone stage was last year. Large amount of unlabeled area in the Mythic stage room.

Espo Mode 

The Haunted Carousel


The Headless Horseman has cursed the carousel! Choose a class to get a random deck and climb aboard his Haunted Timeshifted Dreadsteeds. At the end of each turn all minions will rotate!

Get ready for the big mix-up! In this Tavern Brawl, you’ll need to strategize around minions constantly rotating board positions – all while controlling the Horseman’s time-shifted Dreadsteeds!


  • Win a match for 1 Classic Pack
  • Summon 100 Dreadsteeds to earn a Rise of Shadows Card Pack

BlizzCon Predictions

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