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  • New Update from Blizzard!
    • New Events
      • They want to add more large-scale in-game events with rewards, themed Tavern Brawls,  and changes that could temporarily (or permanently) create fun new experiences for players. 
      • This starts in a couple weeks with Dungeon Run-inspired Tavern Brawls, dual-class Arenas, Legendary quest rewards, and some meta-shifting changes (we’ll talk about in a minute)
      • There will be a blog post on October 4th that goes into details about this ‘spooky event’ and ‘try not to lose your head’.
      • Now that the ladder has solidified, they are going to throw a wrench into things.  Temporarily, they are going to bring 23 cards back from Wild and give everyone copies of them.  
        • Cards like Ragnaros, the Firelord and N’Zoth the Corruptor.
        • LIMITED TIME – will go away after the event
        • Full list of 23 cards on the Oct 4 blog update
      • 1,000 win class portraits!  This will retroactively count your wins.
      • QoL improvements
        • Alternate search terms for hard to find cards in your collection.  For example, you can search for snip or snap to find SN1P-SN4P.
        • Quest changes – cutting some of the less popular daily quests and tuning down their requirements to make them quicker to complete.  
        • Splitting most quests into 2 buckets, Easy (50g) and Slightly More Difficult (60g).  Rerolling the SMD quests will get you an Easy quest.
  • Chapter 3 – Khartut’s Tomb
    • New Hero Unlocked – Elise Starseeker – Druid / Priest
    • End boss – Xatma, Plague Lord of Death
    • Twist – Plague of Death – Each player starts the game with a token Eternal Tomb. Each time a minion dies, the tomb gradually unlocks to unleash a powerful Deathrattle minion.  Then closes and waits for another.
  • Recently a player posted on Reddit discussing the fact that he had been banned for playing SN1P-SN4P Warlock in wild mode. Turns out there are several third party software programs that is removing the animations from the game, making it possible to play more cards than should be possible.  (sometimes around 50-70 times). This will trigger an automatic ban by their cheat detection software. He posted on Reddit because he appealed the ban and it was upheld. But the player contended that he did nothing wrong and had not used the software.  
    • Blizzard posted a response last week saying that they studied the situation, gathered data and determined that there are some circumstances where a player can end up with a significant amount of extra time on their turn, even over a minute. And that they now know that some of these turns were possible under normal play because the turn had been given so much added time.
    • They reversed a lot of bans around this situation and they are updating the procedures that led to this bans to ensure they only catch cheaters.
  • One interesting note was made in another thread
    • Each chapter of Tombs of Terror come with their own unique bosses and we will only fight those bosses until we beat the chapter. Replaying a chapter you completed, the pool of bosses will contain bosses from all the chapter’s you’ve beaten. 
  • And a small client update went out the other day.  It fixes a few card art and animation issues and they fixed an issue (server-side) that caused Plague Lord persistent health to fail to save.

Espo Mode 

Rise of the Zombeasts


It’s a monstrous mirror match! Take control of a deck teeming with random Zombeasts and spells while using a discounted hero power to craft your undead army!


1x Classic Card Pack for winning the Tavern Brawl.

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