LOTI 248 : SoU – Paladin



What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?

Espo: Rank 10

Vastidious: 35 gold, 13,055 dust, Rank 17, and might have done something significant this week

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  • Balance Changes coming August 26th
    • The mana cost of Conjurer’s Calling is going up from (3) to (4).
    • The mana cost of Luna’s Pocket Galaxy is going up from (5) to (7).
    • The mana cost of Dr. Boom, Mad Genius is going up from (7) to (9).
    • The mana cost of Extra Arms is going up from (2) to (3).
    • The mana cost of Barnes is going up from (4) to (5).
  • Q&A with Mike Donais stream – https://www.hearthpwn.com/news/6910-mike-donais-stream-q-a-nerfs-leaked-balance
    • Best Answer: 
    • Q: What does a normal work day for you look like?
    • A: So I wake up in the morning, I walk to work, I get there, I try to figure out, what are the challenges for the day, I call Ben Brode and I ask him, what should I do? I have all these challenges, and he goes step by step and he tells me what to do for each of them, so and I implement those, then I go on Reddit, and I read a Reddit for a while, I cry, people are mad, angry, and then I walk home. That’s a normal day. 😀
  • New Pack Bundle Promotion: Explorer Bundle
    • 5 packs from all 4 expansions current in Standard (excluding SoU) – 20 packs
    • 1 random Legendary card from SoU
    • Available until 9/3/19 and only 1 per account
    • $19.99 USD
  • Tombs of Terror info updated saying “Opens in 5 weeks”.  This would make it during the week of 9/23-9/27.

Espo Mode 

The Great Amalgamation


What horror has science wrought!? Build a deck, all minions count as Elementals, Mechs, Demons, Murlocs, Dragons, Beasts, Pirates and Totems!

Getting Better

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