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What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?

Espo: 1530 gold, 460 dust, Rank 12

Vastidious: 265 gold, 11,000 dust, need 1 win for month, no further on Heroic mode


  • Patch is live
    • Brings the 10 new Classic and Basic cards we talked about last week. 
    • Vanish and Mind Blast are now in the Hall of Fame.
    • Dark Bargain, Cleave, Multi-Shot and Forked Lightning can now be casted even if there is only one viable target on the board.
    • Matchmaking has been improved for new players to Arena, matching them with other new players with the same number of wins.
    • Rafaam’s Scheme and Dreamway Guardians can no longer be played if your board is full.
    • Shrink Ray and Equality will now behave in a way that is consistent with Sunkeeper Tarim in regards to stat-buffing aura effects, such as Stormwind Champion.
    • Hunting Party will now generate golden cards if it’s copying a golden minion.
    • Cards generated by Shadowcaster and Sonya Shadowdancer, will now receive the bonuses from Magic Carpet.
    • Duel! Can no longer be cast if both sides of the board are full.
    • Wilfred Fizzlebang’s cost reduction now works with all card-drawing hero powers.
    • Shudderwock now randomly resolves any Discover spells cast by Drustvar Horror.
    • Pilfer is now updated to match their recent changes to other burgle cards.
      • Old text: Add a random card to your hand (from your opponent’s class)
      • New text: Add a random card from another class to your hand.
  • Tavern Brawl down time has been reduced to 1 hour per week. They now begin on Wednesday at 9am PDT and end the following Wednesday at 8am PDT.
  • The following cards have new card art:
    • Bite
    • Eviscerate
    • Headcrack
    • Deadly Shot
    • Secretkeeper
    • Windfury Harpy
    • Succubus (now named Felstalker)
    • Mistress of Pain (now named Queen of Pain)
  • Adjustments made to Dalaran Heist
    • Moved some Normal and Heroic bosses to different difficulty tiers
    • Adjusted the contents of the following starting decks:
      • Skulker (Captain Eudora)
        • Removed Stolen Steel and Unidentified Contract
        • Added Deadly Fork and Eviscerate
      • Dead Man’s Tale (Captain Eudora)
        • Removed Violet Haze and Southsea Squidface
        • Added Buccaneer and Violet Illusionist
      • Kobold’s Desire (Captain Eudora)
        • Removed Daring Escape and Shadowcaster
        • Added Dark Iron Skulker and Pogo-hopper
      • Boomin’ (Mr. Chu)
        • Removed Dr. Boom’s Scheme
        • Added Piloted Shredder
      • Disciplined (Kriziki)
        • Removed Lightspawn
        • Added Kabal Talonpriest
      • Shadows (Kriziki)
        • Removed Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Pain, and Shadowbomber
        • Added Crystallizer, Spirit Lash, and Shadow Word: Death
      • Visions (Kriziki)
        • Removed Lazul’s Scheme
        • Added Resurrect
    • Normal
      • Decreased the cost of Whirt the All-Knowing’s Prediction Hero Power to (1)
      • Decreased the power of Archmage Vargoth’s deck.
    • Heroic
      • Decreased the appearance rate of Haro Setting-Sun.
      • Decreased the power of the following bosses’ decks: Carousel Gryphon, Applebough, Linzi Redgrin, Captain Hannigan, Xur’ios, Disidra Stormglory, Chomper, Anarii Duskgrove, Zuramat, Jepetto Joybuzz, Vas’No, Ranger Ar’ha, Tala Stonerage, and Kara Stamper.
      • Increased the power of the following bosses’ decks: Dalaran Fountain Golem, Lieutenant Sinclari, Flightmaster Belnaara, Nozari, Dagg Cruelmight, Sharky McFin, Queen Wagtoggle, Dazzik “Hellscream”, Draemus, and Madam Goya
      • Increased the cost of Applebough’s Apple Toss Hero Power to (3)
      • Increased the cost of Captain Hannigan’s Raise the Alarm Hero Power to (1)
      • Increased the cost of Chomper’s Chomp Hero Power to (3)
      • Decreased the Attack reduction on Haro Setting-Sun’s Darken Hero Power from -2 to -1
      • Decreased the cost of Whirt the All-Knowing’s Prediction Hero Power to (1).
      • Decreased the cost of Ol’Toomba’s Tales of Fortune Hero Power to (1).

New Expansion : Saviors of Uldum

  • The expansion releases August 6th 2019
  • The solo adventure will come out later in September.
  • It will add 135 new cards to the game
  • Solo Adventure: “Saviors of Uldum” coming in September 2019
  • New Keyword; Reborn: “This minion returns to life with 1 health the first time it dies.”
  • New card type; Plagues: “Plagues are spells of ancient power wielded by Priest, Shaman, Warrior, Warlock, and Rogue”
  • The return of Quest cards keyword
  • Log in bonus: Get a free Legendary Quest card when logging in during the first 90 days of the release
  • New Arena rotation: Basic, Classic, League of Explorers, Journey to Un’Goro, Kobolds & Catacombs, Rastakhan’s Rumble and Saviors of Uldum
  • Pre-purchase one or both bundles to unlock bonuses
    • Saviors of Uldum Bundle – $49.99
      • 50 Saviors of Uldum card packs
      • Elise Starseeker card back
      • A random Saviors of Uldum Golden Legendary card
    • Savior of Uldum Mega Bundle – $79.99
      • 80 Saviors of Uldum card packs
      • Elise Starseeker card back
      • Elise Starseeker Druid Hero
      • A random Saviors of Uldum Golden Legendary card
  • New Cards (see slideshow) 

Espo Mode

Decks Assemble


All of Azeroth wants to brawl for you! Start with a small deck, recruit as you go, then send them to fight over and over!

Paladin – Top 3

Espo – Call to Adventure, Duel!, Bronze Herald

Vastidious – Duel!, Bronze Herald, Dragon Speaker

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