LOTI 235 : RoS – It’s a Stickup! (Shaman)



What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?


The Dalaran Heist has Launched!

There are two chapters available this week.

  • You can get started for completely free with the first chapter, The Dalaran Bank, today.
  • The second chapter, The Violet Hold, is also open today and can be purchased for 700 gold or $6.99.
  • You may purchase the entire adventure for $19.99, a discounted cost.
  • Other wings may be individually purchased ahead of time, allowing you to unlock Zayle, Shadow Cloak early.
  • The remaining three chapters unlock one at a time over the next three weeks.

This Week’s Twists

Each chapter has a special passive mechanic called Twists. These effects are active during all your games in that wing and will change up how you play against each boss. Here are the twists you can expect for this week’s chapters.

  • Dalaran Bank (FREE Chapter) – Coin-filled Coffers
    • A 0/3 Cache spawns on the opponent’s side of the board. Breaking it gives 2 Coins to each player.
  • The Violet Hold – Imprisoned Minions
    • At the start of the game a random minion from each player’s deck is locked on the board. It will unlock once enough turns have by that are equal to its mana cost.

Espo Mode


How it Works

  • You have a special spell in your deck called Offensive Play. This spell costs 0 mana to play.
    • The next Legendary minion you play and all your other copies cost (3) less.
    • This effect can stack multiple times.
  • You are given random legendaries in your deck. You have 4 copies of each of these legendaries. (Max 30 cards in your deck)
  • The legendaries in your deck are only pulled from your class and the neutral pool of cards.
  • It is possible to be seeded with the same Legendary multiple times so you can have more than 4 copies of each.

Getting Better

Shaman Cards – Open the link and then scroll to Shaman

NEXT WEEK : Hunter

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