LOTI 232 : RoS – Neutrals Part 2



What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?

Espo: Pulled a Kalecgos!  960 dust, 499 Shaman wins! (38 up from last week), Rank 4 (2 up from last week)

Vastidious: 14185 Dust, 392 wins Mage


  • New Raven Bundle for $10 until May 2nd – 15 Packs – 5 from each of the following, Witchwood, Boomsday Project and Rastakhan’s Rumble.  
  • New Animated Short – Win or Lose – VIDEO
  • BlizzCon dates and details announced – Nov 1 & 2
    • For sale on May 4th and 8th
    • Through a new partner for sales AXS.  
    • Prices have increased by $30, but there are 3 types of tickets this year.
    • The Usual Goodie Bags, and all attendees get one of 2 statues, an Orc Grunt or Human Footman
    • BlizzCon Pass – $229
      • Entry to BlizzCon
      • Commemorative Statue
      • In-Game items
    • BlizzCon Portal Pass – $550
      • All the above Plus
      • Night at the Faire
      • Portal Pass Lounge
      • Early Con Entry
      • Convenience Perks – preferred lines for registration and security
      • Preferred parking
    • BlizzCon Benefit Dinner Pass – $750
      • All the above
      • Dinner with Blizzard
      • Signed Art Print
      • Reserved Mythic Stage Seating
  • Twitch Drops!

Espo Mode

Past Champions decks.  New player friendly, random deck.

Neutrals Part 2

Hints and Tips/Top 3

Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews:




I was listening to the podcast this past week and Espo was talking about how his luck was so bad when it came to opening packs. In fact, little does he know there is a reason for his bad luck.

Long Long ago, in a flourishing field of paragon flowers outside of Karazhan, the Mighty Espo made the decision to craft his dreams into reality. He crafted the Golden Whizbang the Wonderful to much excitement of the Bronzebeard’s and the Stargazer’s in the tavern crowd! Little did Espo know, he would activate The Curse of the Golden Whizbang.  A curse that lowers the luck for all the unfortunate souls blinded by the golden cards in their hands.

Espo heard about this curse from a Booty Bay Bookie but he didn’t believe her. So with this doubt in mind, Espo performed a thoughtsteal on the Bookie and unfortunately, it turned out to be true.  Espo is now tempted to disenchant the Golden Whizbang the Wonderful, but he has to remember his love for the game will trump all.

So with this knowledge Vastidious, do you have any advice for Espo?

PS I wish you both and everyone else who listens to this podcast good luck with their openings!  (I told him to keep it by the way.) I don’t actually believe in the curse, I thought it just sounded fun. I love the podcast, keep up the good work!



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