LOTI 231 : RoS – Neutrals – Part 1



What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?

Espo: No new Legendarys, 4930 Dust, 461 wins with Shaman (15 up from last week), Rank 6 (up 3)

Vast: 95 Gold, Rank 19, 14,100 dust, 392 Mage wins


  • HCT 2019 Kicks off on April 25th – 2 ways to earn packs (source)
    • Choose Your Champion – Choose from 16 players and win packs based on how they perform
    • Watch it live on Twitch
      • Watch live for a total of 4 hours, you get 1 RoS pack
      • 1500 Classic card packs will be distributed every hour to randomly selected viewers, for a total of 48,000 Classic packs!

Espo Mode  

Espo: 5 wins last week.

Dr. Booms Ignoblegarden

Dr. Boom is tired of eggs and bunnies! Choose a class and play with the treats he’s placed in your deck!

Login before April 21 and get the following rewards:

  • 2 Boomsday Project card packs
  • 2 Golden Mechano-Egg cards
  • This is a brand new brawl.
  • The brawl rewards a classic card pack.
  • Decks are randomized based on the class you pick. They contain random class and neutral cards plus some of the following minions.
  • Bloom Bot: Deathrattle: Summon a Legendary minion. Give it Rush.
  • Room Bot: Magnetic, Taunt, Deathrattle: Summon 3 1/1 Boom Bots.
  • Doom Bot: Battlecry and Deathrattle: Deal 5 damage to ALL minions.

Neutrals – Part 1


EVIL Cable Rat

Hench-Clan Hogsteed

Dalaran Librarian

Mana Reservoir


Violet Warden

Spellbook Binder

Hench-Clan Sneak

Faceless Rager

Dalaran Crusader

Arcane Servant


Spellward Jeweler

Exotic Mountseller

Mad Summoner

Portal Keeper

Tunnel Blaster


Unseen Saboteur

Big Bad Archmage

Magic Carpet

Portal Overfiend


Chef Nomi

Archmage Vargoth

Barista Lynchen

Hints and Tips/Top 3

Espo : Archmage Vargoth, Unseen Sabatour, Toxfin

Vast: Chef Nomi, Unseen Sabatour, Exotic Mountseller

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