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What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?

Espo: 4610 gold, 405 Shaman wins, Rank 14



  • New Expansion Announced : Rise of Shadows – Launches April 9th
  • A new patch went live today with details about the update plus a bunch of changes
  • Pre-Purchase the Rise of Shadows expansion
    • Standard Bundle – 50 packs, Jewel of Lazul card back, and a random Legendary minion from Rise of Shadows. – $49.99
    • Mega Bundle – 80 packs, the new Priest Hero, Madame Lazul, the Jewel of Lazul card back and a random Golden Legendary.
  • Login between March 25th and April 2nd to receive 3 free card packs, 1 from each of the Mammoth expansions.
  • Brawl Block: Year of the Mammoth – starting March 25th build decks only using expansions from the Year of the Mammoth.
  • Tavern brawl that starts on April 1st, you can earn a RoS pack.
  • Patch details
    • Optimized the app size and it will be necessary to re-download app data, but it will take up less space now.
    • Reconnect Improvements – Players attempting to reconnect to matches should have a smoother experience.
    • Reroll Legendary quests – Now the ability is available.
    • Random cardback selector is available.
    • Golden Heroes now count Arena wins.  (FYI, only wins after this update)
    • Complete My Deck improvements are in, except for Wild. That’s coming soon.
    • Trigger Rules update – They are updating the rules regarding how Poisonous, Lifesteal, and Overkill keywords work in specific cases, to make cards behave in a more intuitive way.
    • And numerous bug fixes
  • Rise of Shadows Details
    • 135 new cards
    • Launches April 9th
    • New card character type – Lackeys
      • Evil-doing masterminds need disposable underlings to do their bidding.
      • These are generated by EVIL cards that add Lackeys into your hands. They are 1/1 minions that pack a surprisingly powerful punch when they hit the board.
      • New Lackeys will be added in the next 2 expansions.
    • New card type – Schemes
      • Schemes are powerful spells that become even more powerful the longer they stay in your hand.
    • Familiar mechanics may return from villains of former expansions. Such as …
    • And familiar characters from Dalaran will sometimes appear.
    • New card keyword: Twinspell
      • Once cast, they create a copy of themselves in your hand to be used whenever you want.
    • New rotation in the Arena – Basic, Classic, Naxxramas, Whispers of the Old Gods, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, The Witchwood and Rise of Shadows

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