LOTI 226 : The Master’s a Plottin…



What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?

Espo: 4150 Gold, 396 Shaman wins, Rank 14

Vast: 1235 Gold, 385 Mage wins, Rank 20


Lead up to the next expansion has started with a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lfuiF14jeE

The Fortune Teller – Calling a Team of 5

New video – The King – King Togwaggle  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=7X59OFOagfA

Next hint – Totem with skulls and mention of taking ‘her’ measure.  Magatha Grimtotem?

AMA on Reddit today

  • Players will be getting a new card, one week before the expansion
  • The Golden version of Zayle cannot be crafted or disenchanted, and will not come in card packs.  However, the normal version can be crafted, similar to promotional cards like E.T.C.
  • The expansions this year will be tied together and some events and tavern brawls will be linked to them.
  • There is no Hero tied to the Year of the Dragon, but there will be heroes this year.
  • There will be no new weapons for non-weapon classes in this expansion.
  • No new game modes are expected this year. The focus is on improving existing systems and doing unique events to shake up the meta.
  • Some info on the new deck completion system.
    • The way it works is we gather information from all the decks that are being played and we see how successful each card is in these decks. We look closely at what cards you own, and what cards you have already placed into the deck, and find the best archetype that fits those 2 criteria. We then finish out the deck with the strongest cards that you own for that deck archetype.
    • Sometimes a deck doesn’t fit into one of the many archetypes and in those cases we resort to a backup plan and give you the most powerful cards that you own in a good mana curve.
  • Hints for a new keyword : two, twins, double down, spell
  • Hint for new Hero/Heroes : shocked
  • New murloc minion called Sludge Slurper coming?
  • Team is continuing to look into ways to improve mobile performance. One way is exploring the option of removing sounds files for adventures you don’t own.
  • Expect more frequent team communication, such as articles, blog posts, AMAs, behind the scenes and hearthside chats.
  • They are looking at ways to best handle letting players obtain old card backs.
  • The team wants to have more decks that rely on cards in two different years to better shake things up when cards rotate.
  • They like the idea of achievements and tracking progress, and they’re adding similar things in the new solo content.
  • Combining collections across zones is a lot of work and not currently a priority.
  • The “Purple Rain” on the Karazhan board was a Prince homage.
  • Lots was learned from the last few solo contents.

Espo Mode

Miniature Warfare

How it Works

This Tavern Brawl is a cross between what we’re used to seeing for Heroic Brawls and bits of Arena.

  • You will pay an entry fee equal to an Arena run to take part in this Tavern Brawl.
  • Using cards in your own collection, you build a deck for the standard format.
  • The rules of Miniature Warfare apply – All minions in your deck become 1/1 that cost 1 mana.
  • Like Arena or a Heroic Brawl, once you lose 3 games in the Standard Brawliseum you are out.
  • Rewards will be given to players based on their performance with their deck, equal to the Arena reward structure.
  • Your first run of this brawl will be free! There’s nothing to lose!

Getting Better

Hints and Tips/Top 5

Reviews and Emails

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Legendary Patron Shoutout: Deadpool and Chris Vannaken


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