LOTI 221 : RR – Shaman



What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?

Espo – Rank 16, 297 Shaman wins, 1000 gold

Vast – Rank 20 (was 22), 383 Mage wins, 385 gold


  • Lunar New Year
    • Begins Feb 5th
    • $20 Bundle – 30 packs (10 The Witchwood, 10 The Boomsday Project, 10 from Rastakhan’s Rumble) – available now
    • At the start you get a free golden Fireworks Tech for logging in
    • Special Lunar New Year quests that award both gold and dust
    • New festive firework-filled emote
  • Upcoming Card Changes (most are Classic cards) – Feb 5th
    • Cold Blood – Cost increased to 2 mana, up from 1
    • Flametongue Totem – Cost increased to 3 mana, up from 2
    • Equality – Cost increased to 4 mana, up from 2
    • Hunter’s Mark – Cost increased to 2 mana, up from 1
    • Emerald Spellstone – Cost increased to 6 mana, up from 5
    • Iksar had a few comments – Equality at (3) mana in our playtesting didn’t really solve this. The change to (4) was actually very jarring to us, but we wanted to try playtesting it in current and future environments anyway. After all those games, we felt like it was a reasonable option at (4) in control archetypes (now and in the future) but less reasonable in aggressive decks. That ideally where we’d like most cards to be, so (4) ended up being where we landed. If we thought (3) removed it from being in all paladin archetypes for the foreseeable future but Odd Paladin would get better in the short term, we would have just done that.
    • We like Control Paladin, I expect it to do just fine in the future. We’ve been playtesting a lot of the first set of this year with Equality at (4) and there are still powerful Control Paladin archetypes.

Espo Mode

Void Singularity

How it Works

  • Choose a class and build your own deck.
  • At the end of each turn, all your minions have their cost, attack, and health combined into one creature – Void Singularity.
  • The maximum mana cost of Void Singularity is 10.
  • Cards like Ethereal Arcanist which do something at the end of turn, won’t work here as they get merged into the Void Singularity before they can use their effects.
  • Deathrattle effects work as they should and can be a great way the flood the board for your next turn.
  • Removal and Freeze are huge in this brawl. The Void Singularity can build up frighteningly fast, so get rid of it!
  • Another neat thing one could do is return the Void to their opponent’s hand through a card like Sap. It effectively slows them down an entire turn.


Hints and Tips/Top 3

Espo – Bog Slosher, Haunting Visions, Big Bad Voodoo

Vast – Big Bad Voodoo, Zentimo, Krag’wa the Frog

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Next Week : Mage


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