LOTI 213 : It’s Almost Time



What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?

Espo: Druid Wins 473, 3190 Gold


  • Want a free Rastakhan’s Rumble card pack? Show your team spirit by picking one of 9 teams. It’s easy and free. You have until Dec 4th to pick. https://playhearthstone.com/expansions-adventures/rastakhans-rumble/vote
  • In a new blog post, Blizzard has announced new details for the upcoming 2019 HCT season.  https://www.reddit.com/r/CompetitiveHS/comments/a1hqnc/hearthstone_esports_next_big_turn/
    • New 3-Tier System
      • Tier 1 – Online Qualifiers – 3rd party, primarily online. Winning moves you up to next tier.
      • Tier 2 – Live Global Tournaments – No more tour stops. Invite-only events including those coming from Tier 1. $250,000 prize pool per event. 3 events planned in 2019. Winning opens up next tier.
      • Tier 3 – Premier Play – Top level of competition will be composed of weekly Round-Robin online events, split into regional divisions. Players at this level will receive performance-based bonuses, as well as automatic invites to Tier 2 events. More details to come.
    • Conquest is being retired as the official HCT format. More details to come, but this format is guaranteed to be used across the board for all Tier 1 and Tier 2 events.
    • Updated Hearthstone Masters System for 2019
      • New 120 Point Tier – Invite to a live global tournament
      • 150 Point Tier – Invite to two live global tournaments.
      • 175 Point Tier – Invite to all three live global tournaments, $1,000 appearance bonus for each event.
      • 200 Point Tier – Invite to all three live global tournaments, $2,500 appearance bonus for each event.
      • 2018 points will not expire on December 1st. Players have until March 31st, 2019 to rack up bonus points for the new season.
      • During the transition period, players can earn points at Tour Stops, the HCT Winter Playoffs, and the HCT Winter Championship, but not on the ladder.
  • Patch 13.0 is live.  This includes pre-loading the new expansion and a few other things.
    • Rastakhan’s Rumble launches December 4th!  So get ready! (Next Tuesday)
    • Winter Veil returns on December 18th. There will be a special quest with rewards you with 8 Boomsday packs once you play 100 cards in play mode.
    • Rank 20 Floor – Players that achieve Rank 15 or higher during their Hearthstone career will no longer fall below Rank 20. This should help players in the 20-25 ranks.
    • Added a black and purple sparkle effect to indicate when cards and powers that normally provide healing will do damage instead.
    • The Rogue Quest card, Crystal Core, now applies to minions in your deck, rather than applying after they are drawn. (Apparently this is to help situations like Togwaggle. When he takes your cards, the minions will all be 4/4 minions now.)

Espo Mode

Return of Mechazod!

Co-Op battle against Taunted up Mechazod.

It took Rezz and Spo 4 tries to tackle this robot.

Rastakhan’s Rumble final card reveal!

Hints and Tips/Top Class and cards!

Priest/Princess Talanji

Hunter/Zul’Jin Hero Card

First Week: Hunter

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