LOTI 209 : BlizzCon Preview


Espo:  1240 Dust, 640 Gold, Pulled Mecha’thun and have been playing that and Spiteful 455 Druid wins

Vastidious: 9570 Dust, 950 gold, 381 Mage wins


BlizzCon News

  • Closing festivities announced
    • Train on the main stage – 8pm
    • Kristian Nairn at the Overwatch Arena – 8:15pm
    • Lindsey Stirling at the Heroes of the Storm stage – 8:30pm

Espo Mode

The Headless Horseman Rides

It’s time to battle the Headless Horseman! We’ll arm you with the finest Hallow’s End costumes Azeroth has to offer.

How it works:

Choose a costume to wear on your first turn. This gets rid of your Stormwind Champions and draws you a new hand, based on that costume.

  • Witch Costume – Hero power: Witchcraft (Passive: If you have enough mana, your spells cost double and cast a second copy). The deck is based on spell synergies.
  • Pirate Costume: Hero power: Conscript (Passive: Your minions count as Pirates). Your deck is based on Pirate synergies.
  • Cat Costume: Hero Power: Sense Weakness (Passive: Whenever a non-Boss enemy survives damage, summon a 1/1 Cat. Deck is based on beasts and kitty things like Claw.

The Headless horseman starts with 30 health. His Hero Power is Slash (Deal 2 damage randomly split among all enemies.)  Lots of AOE damage in his deck. Once you defeat him, he removes his head and you have to kill it. (2/35 minion). His head deals 2 damage randomly split to your side of the board at the start of his turn.  You win by destroying the head.

Hints and Tips/Top 3 things want to see at Blizzcon

Friends, Tavern, Lindsey Stirling!

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