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What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?


Balance Changes – Oct 18th (today)

  • Giggling Inventor – Will cost 7 mana, up from 5

“GI has stepped beyond its intended role, and we don’t feel that it should be as effective as it currently is”

  • Mana Wyrm – Will cost 2 mana, up from 1

“Mana Wyrm has also steered us away from making powerful low-cost Mage spells. We’d like Mana Wyrm to remain an option for decks it synergizes with, while preventing it from being a huge turn one threat.”

  • Aviana – Will cost 10 mana, up from 9

This “means it will no longer be possible to play Aviana and Kun the Forgotten King on the same turn without some additional help from cards like Innervate or The Coin… This should make the combos Aviana and Kun produce less consistent, while still allowing decks that use the combos to exist for the players that enjoy playing them.”

Hallow’s End – Oct 17-Oct 31

  • A bundle featuring the new Paladin Hero, Sir Annoy-O and 20 Witchwood packs
  • Logging in gets you a free Golden Witch’s Cauldron
  • Dual Class Arena returns – Choose your hero then your hero power. Card picks are from both classes.
  • The Headless Horseman Brawl – Oct 24-29
  • A new brawl from Oct 17-22, Monster Smash

Taiwan disqualified from the Hearthstone Global Games for stream sniping

Taiwan was caught using a tournament broadcast to help them make decisions in their recent matches against Singapore. Due to the disqualification, Singapore will now be advancing to BlizzCon instead of Taiwan.

United Hearthstone League has been approached by Blizzard, to change their format and name

Blizzard doesn’t want any organization calling themselves a league. The UHL will need to change their format to continue. Mike Lowe has applied for the community tournament license (which is free) and then they should be able to continue under a different name and format.

BlizzCon in 2 Week, Nov 2-3

BlizzCon weekend is approaching, do we have any speculations or expectation from Hearthstone or any of the other Blizzard games?

Diablo 4???  NOT!

Espo Mode

Monster Smash

It’ll catch on in a flash! Take control of one of the Witchwood’s powerful monsters and misfits! Let’s see who rules the Witchwood!

How it works

  • Click the brawl button to take control of a random monster from the Witchwood’s Monster Hunt.
  • You will be given the same deck your hero uses in Monster Hunt.
  • Monsters: Azalina Soulthief, Blood Witch Gretta, Brushwood Centurion, Chupacabran, Plaguemaster Rancel, Shudderwock

Hints and Tips/Top 5

Zerotio Tip: The “Playhearthstone” Twitch Channel is still doing the rewards for bits donated, until Nov 4th. You can watch ads, for Free Bits. Hitting goals, up to 2500 bits donated, will give you free packs and an exclusive card back. This is a good way to get packs, without spending money, it just takes some time. I have gotten over 5000 bits from ads, since the start of the promotion.

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