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What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?

Espo:  1600 dust… what do I craft?  421 Druid Wins

Vastidious: 9600 dust… what do I craft?


  • Blizzard posts interesting blog post showing concept art from BoomsDay. https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/blog/22483770/the-boomsday-project-concept-art
  • Another post highlights what is “In the Works” with Hearthstone. (source)
    • Blizzard is happy with the current meta but is keeping an eye on the Giggling Inventor.  
    • Mages, Warlocks and Rogues are getting new CLASSIC cards to fill holes. These are new cards to the game. Will be available next month.
      • Icicle – 2 mana Mage spell, Deal 2 damage to a minion. If it’s frozen draw a card.
      • Tome of Intellect – 1 mana Mage spell, Add a random Mage spell to your hand.
      • Call of the Void – 1 mana, Warlock spell, Add a random Demon to your hand.
      • Pilfer – 1 mana, Rogue spell, Add a random card to your hand (from your opponent’s class)
    • New ranks for new players only.  New players will start at rank 50. Ranks 50 through 26 are of new players only. Gives new players a chance to get used to the game and there will be a few free gifts along the way to help.
    • Tournament Mode has been put on hold.
    • Fireside Gatherings will have more brawls to choose from soon.
    • The Welcome Bundle is back but instead of class Legendaries, they are going to include one of six classic dragon Legendaries.  AND if you previously purchased the welcome bundle, you can buy it again. Previously it was $4.99.
    • Hallow’s End event starts October 17th. Dual class Arena returns and you’ll face the Headless Horseman in the Tavern brawl.
    • Also a new Paladin Hero will be available for purchase at the same time.  Sir Annoy-O.
  • Days of the Frozen Throne has begun.
    • 2 quests that reward 300 gold each
    • Logging in give you a free Golden Happy Ghoul
    • Can purchase 30 KofT packs for $19.99 in the Bundle Up Bundle
    • Lasts until September 23rd.
  • Con Before The Storm – Nov 1st from 5pm to 11pm @ Anaheim Hilton
    • Espo is on the Hearthstone, World of Podcasts panel which runs from 7:30 – 8:30

Espo Mode

The Tavern Brawl – Duel of the Death Knights Frost Lich Jaina

The DKs have all come out to celebrate Days of the Frozen Throne. Choose a class and you’ll get a random deck and start out as a Death Knight.

  • This is a brand new brawl!
  • You’ll pick your class and be given a premade deck containing loads of Frozen Throne cards.
  • Your hero starts off as the Death Knight of your chosen class.
  • Winning the brawl gets you a Classic Pack!



Hints and Tips/Top 3

Vast: The Storm Bringer, Voltaic Burst, Menacing Nimbus

Espo:  Voltaic Burst, Elementary Reaction, Thunderhead

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I just finished listening to your most recent podcast episode and thought I’d share this episode of 99 Percent Invisible to help you appreciate the challenge coin a bit more!



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@LotiPodcast On the topic of what pandaren character would make the best new hero, the clear answer is Aya Blackpaw.

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