LOTI 200 : Boomsday Launch – Episode 200!



Vastidious – 147 packs (4900 gold)

Crystalsmith Kangor

GOLDEN Electra Stormsurge – Bundle Legendary (Shaman Legendary)

Zerek’s Cloning Gallery – Priest Legendary

Stargazer Luna – Mage Legendary

Luna’s Pocket Galaxy – Mage Legendary spell

Zilliax – Legendary Neutral

Subject 9 – Legendary Neutral

Mecha’Thun – Legendary Neutral

CRAFTED – GOLDEN Whizbang the Wonderful

GOLDEN Myra’s Unstable Element

Espo – 145 packs opened  (392 Druid Wins)

Floop’s Glorious Gloop

Flobbidinous Floop

Boommaster Flark

Stargazer Luna

The Storm Bringer

The Soularium

Dr. Morrigan

Dr. Boom, Mad Genius

The Boomship

Espo Mode

A New Year Bash

The party is here! Work together with another player to decorate the tavern and kickoff a New Year’s party!

How it Works

  • No deck creation this time, you get to play as either Valeera the Rogue or Malfurion the Druid – chosen at random when the game starts.
  • If either of you get low, try and toss some heals out. Use them wisely!
  • The game ends when one of you die. Don’t die!

Phase 1

  • Your initial goal is for you and your partner to decorate the party. You do this by using your Hero Power to add decorations.
  • The Hero Power uses all your currently available Mana to go towards the decorations. In total, you must spend 25 mana together.
  • In this phase, Party Crashers (4 mana 3/5 with Taunt) will spawn each turn. They attack face so deal with them.
  • Once the party has been decorated, a Boss (Pinata Golem) will spawn. He cannot be targeted by spells.
  • Don’t use all your hard removal in this phase. The crashers are pretty easy to deal with and don’t hurt as hard as they do in Phase 2!

Phase 2

  • The boss spawns! He has 85 Health that you must take out together with your partner.
  • Your hero power has changed! You can now spend 2 mana to deal 3 damage to the boss.
  • The Party Crashers continue to spawn but now.. now they gain +2/+2!
  • Do not under any circumstance fill your board. You want to have a slot open, otherwise, you get board cleared to make room the boss.
  • Sometimes you will receive a treat when attacking the Pinata. These can help you draw cards, heal, or destroy Party Crashers.
  • There is an AoE that goes out which deals 2 damage to everything that isn’t a Party Crasher. Seems to happen either early on or later.

Getting Better

Have fun!

Hints and Tips/Top 5

Next week we talk about our top 5 Boomsday cards

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