LOTI 195 : The Witchwood – Neutrals



What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?

Espo: 2360  (1830 gp last week) +530, Rank 13 finish Currently 16, 346 Druid Wins

Vastidious: 2700 gold (2430 gp last week) +270, Rank 23 (finished 19)


  • Blizzard sends out Save The Date notices for July 12th
    • Last year Knights of the Frozen Throne was announced on July 6th.  It came out on August 16th. WoW: BoA comes out August 14th.
  • New card changes coming
    • Molten Giant becoming an Elemental
    • Mountain Giant becoming an Elemental
    • Witchwood Piper becoming a Demon
    • North Sea Kraken becoming a Beast
    • Jungle Moonkin is losing Beast
    • Witchwood Grizzly is getting new artwork (less ghosty)
    • As a follow up to our recent explanations regarding our refund policy, we would also like to clarify that minor consistency changes—such as name changes, templating updates, art updates, or Type changes that do not significantly affect the power level of a card—will not offer a full Arcane Dust refund. In this case, since power levels remain essentially unchanged, we will not offer a full Arcane Dust refund.
  • HCT Summer Championship Results
    • The Finals came down to A83650 and BunnyHoppor, of which BunnyHoppor won!
    • Unfortunately, Dog lost in Group C, with a record of 1-6 overall.

Espo Mode

Blood Magic

How much are you willing to sacrifice for power? All your spells will cost health instead of mana!

How it Works

  • You’ll get to build your own Standard deck for this brawl.
  • You can cast spells whenever you want, provided that you have enough health. This makes for interesting turn 1 potential.
  • If you lower the mana cost of a spell through a card like Sorcerer’s Apprentice, it will also cost less health to cast.
  • If you can make your hero go Immune, you won’t take any damage from casting spells, making them completely free.

TWW: Neutrals

Legendary Cards: Espo: Genn, Azalina, Baku

TOP 10

Baleful Banker – 2 mana, 2/2 minion, Battlecry: Choose a friendly minion. Shuffle a copy of it into your deck.

Felsoul Inquisitor – 4 mana, 1/6 Demon, Lifesteal, Taunt

Hench-Clan Thug – 3 mana, 3/3 Minion, After your hero attacks, give this minion +1/+1

Lifedrinker – 4 mana, 3/3 Beast, Battlecry: Deal 3 damage to the enemy hero. Restore 3 Health to your hero

Mad Hatter – 4 mana, 3/2 Minion, Battlecry: Randomly toss 3 hats to other minions. Each hat gives +1/+1.

Nightmare Amalgam – 3 mana, 3/4 ALL. This is an Elemental, Mech, Demon, Murloc, Dragon, Beast, Pirate and Totem.

Rotten Applebaum – 5 mana, 4/5 Minion, Taunt, Deathrattle: Restore 4 Health to your hero.

Swamp Dragon Egg – 1 mana, 0/3 Minion, Deathrattle: Add a random Dragon to your hand.

Voodoo Doll – 3 mana, 1/1 Minion, Battlecry: Choose a minion. Deathrattle: Destroy the chosen minion.

Wyrmguard – 7 mana, 3/11 Minion, Battlecry: If you’re holding a Dragon, gain +1 Attack and Taunt.

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