LOTI 192 : The Witchwood – Druid


What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?

Espo: Gold: 870, Arena 0-3, 330 Druid wins

Vast:  1520 gold, Arena 1-3, 108 Druid wins


  • Blizzard addresses changes
    • Tess Greymane’s Battlecry will once again continue even if she is destroyed, silenced or removed.
    • Shudderwock’s Battlecry limit will be increased from 20 to 30.
    • Changes went in on June 8th
    • Players with Quest Druid decks at HCT were allowed to submit new lists if the chose to.
    • Clarification made about the definition of a card fix versus a dust-refunding nerf. “We will continue to provide full Arcane Dust refunds for changes to cards that decrease their overall power level for balance purposes – in other words, card nerfs.”
    • Lynessa Sunsorrow’s changes, was a bug fix. She was never intended to apply her buffs in the order they were cast.
  • The Taverns of Time
    • Begins June 11 through July 2
    • 28 Arena Exclusive cards added
    • All players received a free entry into the Arena
    • New daily quests which reward gold AND dust!
      • 60 gold and 60 dust
        • Timewalk This Way – Take 15 turns
        • The Alpha – Play 5 minions that cost 1
        • Card-boiled – Draw 15 cards
        • Spell of a Time – Play 20 spells
      • 80 gold and 80 dust
        • Off the Scales – Play 3 Dragons
      • 100 gold and 100 dust
        • Aeon and Off – Take 25 turns
        • Card Mode – Draw 25 cards
        • Time Will Spell – Play 35 spells
  • Free Golden Pack Day


Espo Mode

Rise of the Zombeasts

Brand new Brawl, as part of the Taverns of Time event

How it Works

  • Press the play button and become Deathstalker Rexxar. Your opponent is also Deathstalker Rexxar.
  • Your deck is filled with Zombeasts! Play them as best you can.
  • Every turn you can also craft your own Zombeast through your 0-cost Hero Power.
  • Have fun!


Next Week: Priest

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