LOTI 181 : More WitchWood

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  • Starting March 26 @ 11:59pm PDT until April 9, 11:59 PDT, every time you complete a daily quest, you’ll also be rewarded a card pack. They will be from Journey to Un’Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne, Kobolds & Catacombs and even The Witchwood.  The Witchwood packs can be opened after it goes live. NOTE: The Play a Friend quest will be disabled during the event and back after. Be sure to use it before then.
  • The Enrage keyword is going away. They are cleaning up card text since it wasn’t used much. There are 9 cards with it on it. The Enrage quest will be removed too. (source)
  • We talked last week about the cards that work around the Odd and Even premise. This week Dean Ayala clarified some things about those cards. “There’s just the four that we revealed in the video plus the two legendaries. That’s the totality. We’re going to have a lot of Echo and Rush stuff too, which I think are interesting mechanics.”
  • The Witchwood schedule has been sent out.

Espo Mode

Portals to Another Dimension – Starcraft 20th Anniversary brawl

  • This is a brand new brawl!
  • The brawl celebrates the 20th anniversary of StarCraft.
  • The three portal cards represent the three races of StarCraft – Terran, Protoss, and Zerg.
  • Your reward for this brawl is 3 Kobolds and Catacombs card packs.

How it Works

  • Choose your hero and receive a 10 card deck.
  • Choose one of three portals at the start of the game to fill your deck with 20 additional cards.
  • The portal cards added to your deck each have different cards they can add to your hand and reduce their cost by 3 mana.

New Cards


2 mana, Warrior spell, Echo. Deal 1 damage to all minions.

Face Collector

3 mana, Legendary Rogue, Echo. Battlecry: Add a random Legendary minion to your hand.

Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews:

Emails: 1

From: HalfAdd3r

Subject: Episode Suggestions

Great episodes!  I’m also still listening to parts of the “back catalog”.

I fully agree that Dungeon Run is great, but I end up feeling conflicted.  I’d be “gaining” more if I was on the ladder, but I also really am having a ton of fun going after my second win in the Dungeon (losing and learning!).  I’ll be curious to see if the Monster Hunt lets you work towards more of the daily quests.

You mentioned that you were considering some more “newbie” content in the future so I thought I’d throw out some quick ideas.  I’ve already dug into some of these myself, but I think they might make good episodes.

– Dust/Gold Management (when to hold em, when to spend em)

– Twitch (I’d love to “just dive in”, but that didn’t go so well when I tried that with Reddit)

– Learning from Reddit (The place scarier than the Witchwood!)

– Archetypes (what’s in a “Big Spell Mage” compared to just a mage with fireballs?)

– Art Appreciation (where to find the full art and learning more about the artists.  https://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Full_art)

– Deck and Stat tracking tools (mobile and desktop)

Please keep up the card reviews/discussions with Witchwood!  I’m learning a lot from how you think about these cards.

Thanks for a great show!


Tom Pitt@tompittjr Mar 21

@LotiPodcast You guys helped with this more than you know – keep doing what you do !!!!!

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