LOTI 176 : KaC – Shaman

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  • Patch 10.2 went live
    • iOS players have to use a minimum of 8.0 to play
    • New ladder changes are in the game, ready for March
    • New nerfs are live in the game (Bonemare, Corridor Creeper, Patches the Pirate and Raza the Chained)
    • Patches the Pirate is being removed from the Charge! loot bucket in Dungeon Runs.
    • Year of the Mammoth Bundle is live
    • The first 2 turns of each game are now shorter
    • Nemsy now has a golden hero frame, when you unlock the golden Warlock
    • Dungeon Run has some card changes to loot categories
    • Illidan has a new animation
  • Mammoth Pack Bundle – $19.99 USD ($24.99 CAD)
    • 30 packs, 10 from each expansion from this year.  (Dragoncaller Alanna-Vast)
  • Wildfest Event – Feb 19 through March 11
    • Wild cards return to the Arena during the event
    • A special Tavern Brawl will take place called “Venture into the Wild”, which has premade Wild decks.
    • Another Tavern Brawl available called “The Wild Brawliseum”
      • First run is free, extra runs are the same cost as Arena entry
      • Same rules and rewards in the standard Arena.
      • Aimed at the competitive Hearthstone player that wants to put their skills and collection to the test.
      • Player built decks.
  • Reminder to continue doing daily quests for the Quest for Packs giveaway.
    • Blizzard added $1,200 to the prize package to help cover any taxes. (3,000 packs, The Lich King’s helmet and the Hearthstone apparel gift set – $7,764  value)
  • FYI, according to Game designer Dave Kosak, “the Kobolds & Catacombs Dungeon Run will stay as it is, with the current bosses and loot. But remember, the plan going forward is to include unique mission content with every expansion, so Other Cool Stuff (™) is in the works. Response to the Dungeon Run has been very positive, so it’s likely we’ll revisit that style of gameplay again in future sets.”
  • Activision-Blizzard Quarterly Earnings – Revenue: Expected $2.55 billion, actual $2.64 billion
    • Activision – Expected $1.40 billion, $1.34 billion actual
    • Blizzard – Expected $526.1 million, $599 million actual
    • King – Expected – $508.2 million, $516 million actual
    • For the year, they earned more than $7 billion in net revenue in 2017. Interestingly, over $4 billion of that comes from in-game purchases.
    • The Overwatch League launched with over 10 million viewers and they recently announced several major sponsors including, HP, Intel, Toyota, T-Mobile and Sour Patch Kids.

Espo Mode

Shout-out to SeaBass

Just a Hallucination

How it Works

  • No deckbuilding this week, you’ll be simply choosing a class.
  • Be warned! Your class choice will determine the cards your opponent can select.
  • You start out with 3 mana on your first turn.
  • Your deck is filled with random spells from your class and the Rogue spell Hallucination.

KaC Shaman

Next Week: Paladin

Hints and Tips

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