LOTI 174 : KaC – Rogue

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  • Ranked Play Changes Coming in March (video)
    • Card backs will now be earned after 5 wins for a month. There will be a status bar on the quest page to show you how close you are to completing this.
    • All ranks will have 5 stars
    • When a new seasons starts, you will reset exactly 4 ranks below your end ranking (stars included)
    • Ranked rewards go by your highest rank earned during the season
    • There may be some rank inflation, but not to a point where everyone will be Legend
    • No changes to the win streak mechanic
    • Rank floors (20, 15, 10 , 5) are still in place

Hearthstone Championship Tour ends in Amsterdam with Tom8675309 as the World Champion!

Espo Mode

Nefarian Rises!

Join forces with a friend to take down Nefarian. Again. Anduin teams up with newcomer Morgl in this new cooperative Tavern Brawl!

How it Works
You and another player will play as either Morgl the Shaman or Anduin the Priest.
Nefarian, a 200 health boss with taunt, will swap sides of the field so that you will attack him on your turn.
You and your friend need to work together to defeat Nefarian.
At the end of each player’s turn, Nefarian gets to cast a random spell from his collection.
When Nefarian hits 160 Health, he will cast Elemental Eruption and gain 5 Attack.
When Nefarian hits 60 Health, he will cast Twisted Light and gain another 5 Attack for a total of 10.
You cannot bypass any of Nefarian’s phases. If a 4 damage attack would take him from 162 health to 158, it only deals 2 damages putting him at 160 health.
If at any point your side has 7 minions on it, Nefarian will destroy them all since he can’t move into a slot.

Kobolds and Catacombs ~ Rogue cards

Next Week : Druid

Hints and Tips

Articles by Kevin Hovdestad

Building a competitive deck

Filling a deck


Ahead or Behind

Returning to, or First adventures in:  Naxxramas

Malto’s Guided Tour of Naxxramas

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Facebook Shoutout: Tungdil: As some of you know I went to the HCT finals last weekend since it was in my home country! I could only go there on a Sunday due to work but man did I have a blast.


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