LOTI 173 : KaC – Warrior

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3 free packs from the HCT World Championship

  • The Championship Begins!
    Description: Celebrate the beginning of the HCT World Championship!
    Internal: HCT World Championship – Login Reward Day 1
    Reward: 1 Un’Goro Card Pack
  • The Competition Continues
    Description: The HCT World Championships are heating up!
    Internal: HCT World Championship – Login Reward Day 2
    Reward: 1 Frozen Throne Card Pack
  • The Finale!
    Description: The finals are here! Who will be the Year of the Mammoth Champion?!
    Internal: HCT World Championship – Login Reward Day 3
    Reward: 1 Kobolds Card Pack

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Hall of Champions

“Which legendary Champions’ decks grace these hallowed halls?  Let’s find out!”

Enter into the Tavern Brawl and you will randomly be given one of the decks that Firebat, Ostkaka, or Pavel used on their run to a World Championship!

In honor of the Hearthstone World Championship, which kicked off today in Amsterdam, this week’s Tavern Brawl lets players revisit the decks of past Hearthstone champions. Even better, you get to play with the cards in their full, un-nerfed glory.

Firebat Blizzcon 2014

Miracle Rogue

Deathrattle Hunter

Ramp Druid

Warlock Zoo

Ostkaka Blizzcon 2015

Freeze Mage

Midrange Patron Warrior

Oil Rogue

Pavel Blizzcon 2016

Midrange Shaman

Yogg – Malygos Druid

Malygos Miracle Rogue

Tempo Mage

KaC Warrior

Hints and Tips

Play friends and get loot

Next Week : Rogue

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Hello chaps!

The suggestion from Team 5 is that we’re going to see some new cards heading to the Hall of Fame at the end of the current year.  With these cards moving out of classic Standard rotation, do you think there’s any value in adding cards to classic.

If they didn’t have new classic cards unlocked as part of the PVE rewards for future expansions, perhaps they could “promote” cards from existing expansions?

Do you think this is viable and if so, what cards would you like to see move from an expansion into the Classic pool?




Facebook Shoutout:  WIll who’s been really active lately, sharing his decks, laddering progress, cool experiences, and legendary card pulls (Grats on the Woecleaver!)


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