LOTI 172 : KaC – Hunter

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  • Ben Brode – “Been reading discussions about balance; we have an update coming next month which includes some cool events, and that is when any balance changes would happen. We’ll be sure to announce any changes as the patch gets closer. See you at the HCT World Championship next week!”

Espo Mode

Shadow Reflections

How it Works

  • Choose your own class!
  • Build a deck with any number of cards you want. It can be anything between 1 card (not at all recommended) and 30 (also not recommended).
  • Any remaining slots in your deck get filled with Shadow Reflection.
  • Find some awesome combos and get slaying your opponents!

KaC Hunter cards

Next Week: Warrior

Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews: 2

Great fun!  5 stars

by charsiscool from USA

I have returned to Hearthstone as an extremely casual player after too long of a hiatus. It has been so awesome discovering this podcast because of it. I never feel out of the loop when Vastidious & Espo review new cards. They explain things well without wasting any time. And it is also helping me learn how to play more competitively (while still keeping cash in my wallet). And I can also watch Espo play on Twitch (so helpful to see the cards they review in action). Very good show! Will continue to listen and watch!

Not recommended  2 stars

by ap ren from Finland

Unfortunately i can’t really recommend this podcast to anyone. It advertises itself as a podcast for the casual players but i think it’s actually dangerous for those players because it contains so much misinformation so if you’re casual player you don’t have the knowledge to judge which parts of the info provided is incorrect and which is ok. For the more invested player it provides nothing you could not get better from elsewhere. Hosts are most of the time unprepared on simple things like card names or effects. Good thing is they fixed a lot of the audio issues lately.



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