LOTI 169 : KaC – Warlock

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What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?

Espo – Dungeon Run 8 of 9 Heroes (Rogue remains), Rank 11 in Wild, 45 Gold, 595 dust, 9 Legendaries

Vast – 0 of 9 Heroes, 55 gold, 3655 dust, Rank 20, 5


Espo Mode

Wacky Waxy Winter’s Veil

Greatfather Kobold got a little carried away with the presents. He’s wrapped up the strongest creatures and heroes in Azeroth! Free them!

How it Works

  • Create your own deck!
  • Before turns start, Greatfather Kobold drops presents on both sides of the field – Large Waxy Gift.
  • Defeating a gift on the opposing side of the field gives you a random Legendary which costs three fewer mana to play.
  • Later in the game, more presents will be parachuted in.

Rewards : 3 Frozen Throne packs

Tech Cards: Minions and spells that swap Health and spells that evolve your minions

KaC: Warlock

Vulgar Homonculus – One of the better cards for Warlock. Auto include in almost every deck, except those that use Prince Keleseth. Great card to play early game.

Kobold Librarian – Mixed thoughts. It’s often thought of as the Warlock hero power for 1 mana plus a body. However, it costs you a card to use it. And depending on what you have going on you might need to conserve health. Oh and it feeds into Amethyst Spellstone.

Dark Pact – A lot of healing, something that Warlock players have asked for forever, and for only 1 mana! Also great for cracking eggs! However, it depends on if your deck has minions you are willing to sacrifice to recover your health. Also could combo well with Carnivorous Cubing your Doomguard, then Dark Pact on the Cube?

Amethyst Spellstone – Warlock has lots of options to deal damage to themselves now. So this is fairly easy to trigger the upgrade. Works really well with the Kobold Librarian.

Possessed Lackey – Very expensive for what it does. There are a bunch more demons you might want to play instead. Best if you are able to pull a Voidlord or Doomguard.

Hooked Reaver – It’s a 4 mana 7/7 with taunt, that doesn’t rely on another card to give it Taunt. Could be quite a tempo changer if you get low on health. Brings back the Handlock mindset.

Voidlord – Lots of synergy with late game cards and has the potential to be pulled early. However it’s really expensive and if you make it that far into the game, you might be ok without it.  Think of it this way. It’s like Wobbling Runts with Voidwalkers. Same stats as 3 Voidwalkers and when you kill it, it spawns 3 Voidwalkers. And synergizes with Master Oakheart?

Cataclysm – Lakkari Sacrifice, Silverware Golem, Melchezzar’s Imp and Clutchmother Zavas make this potentially viable. You can complete the quest on turn 4, by only using your hero power to that turn.

Rin, the first disciple – One of the most expensive cards ever, to get the final result (41 mana). AND is super useless if silenced. However, can be devastating to your opponent if you can pull it off.

Skull of the Man’ari – One negative is on turn 5 you do nothing for 5 mana then have your opponent play a weapon removal card. However, if you get to benefit, it “could” have great results or it “might” not because of RNG.

Hints and Tips

Crafting new cards – we should see a few more free packs coming in and still are trying to figure out the popular cards.  Play with what you have, and wait another week or so to see what cards rise to the top.

Reviews and Emails

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Twitter: Avanties and Zerotio for spreading Holiday Cheer!

Facebook Shoutout: Tim – Replying to a Dungeon Run post; It’s great for new players they could play it and learn many lessons in how to handle stressful situations. They also learn about many cards with minimal buy in.

I don’t know I’m weird I guess, but sending a pic of me beating a dungeon before my son does is the best reward ever.

Next Week : Priest


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