LOTI 162 : Blindfolded Jenga

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  • The Blizzard Battle.net desktop app has been updated with a new Social Tab, giving Discord like features for groups, profiles, avatars and gifting. The gifting feature allows you to send in-game gifts to your friends. To celebrate the feature, Blizzard gifted a free Classic Hearthstone pack.
  • Summer Championship “Choose Your Champion” packs arrived
  • DreamHack Denver 2017
  • Fireside Gathering ‘kerfluffle’ update from Blizzard
    • There are a few issues that are occurring.
      • Appearing offline in the Blizzard Battle.net client affects Fireside Gathering functionality. As a work around, you should set your status to Online before participating.
      • Players on PC have been appearing randomly at some Taverns without physically being there.
      • Taverns appear as having “0” or an incorrect number of Patrons. This is due to infrastructure capabilities, which results in Tavern service outages.
    • Blizzard is working to resolve these issues and hope to have improvements available soon.
    • If you see suspicious events, click the Report It link at the bottom of every event page.
    • Players that abuse the system may face account penalties, ranging from suspension of their ability to create, participate in, or gain rewards from Fireside Gatherings, to action against their account. Examples, would be creating events with inapropriate names or holding events at inaccessible locations. Also actions will be taken against users found to be maliciously impacting services at Fireside Gatherings or Taverns with the intent to ruin the experience.
  • Tortollans are coming to World of Warcraft! These are the little totem creatures that were unique in Hearthstone. WowHead datamined a new Warcraft pet called Tottle, the baby Tortollan.
  • Dual Class Arenas are here!
    • Free Arena round to play

Espo Mode

The Headless Horseman Rides

PVE Brawl where you are playing against the Headless Horseman

You earn a pack EVEN if you lose!

You get to choose a costume to wear on your first turn. This gets rid of your Stormwind Champions and draws you a new hand.

Witch Costume – Your hero power is Witchcraft. Your deck is based on spell synergies.
Pirate Costume – Your hero power is Conscript. Your deck is based on pirate synergies.
Cat Costume – Your hero power is Sense Weakness. Your deck is based on beasts and kitty things like Claw.
Each deck is predetermined.

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