LOTI 161 : Almost BlizzCon Time

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  • New Patch went live Tuesday
    • Hallow’s End – October 24 – November 6
      • Log in each week for a ‘treat’
      • New tricky Tavern Brawl
      • Dual class Arenas
      • Note: If you have an Arena run in progress when Hallow’s End begins on October 24, then it will be retired and you’ll receive the normal rewards for the number of wins you achieved and a free Arena ticket. In the hours just before the beginning and conclusion of Hallow’s End on October 24 and November 6, it will temporarily be impossible to purchase a new Arena ticket.
    • Mechanics Update
      • Changed some underlying rules to prevent Wild Pyromancer from triggering off of Mindgames, and Djinni of Zephyrs from triggering off Entomb. See this update for details. (update)
      • Fireside Gatherings have their own game menu
      • Friends list options are now bundled into a sub-menu
      • Spells that are canceled by Counterspell will now trigger any “Whenever you cast a spell” and “After you cast a spell” effects.
      • Lord Jaraxxus no longer triggeHers Repentance, Sacred Trial, and Snipe.
      • Unlicensed Apothecary now reads “After you summon a minion, deal 5 damage to your hero.” It will no longer activate from any Evolve effects.
      • It is no longer possible to cancel Choose One cards before the choices appear, resolving issues where the Choose One effect could be canceled too easily.
      • Hearthstone’s engine is updated to Unity version 5.6
      • Animations for Mimic Pod, Chromaggus, Shifting Shade, Ghastly Conjurer, and Cutpurse should no longer have a pause.
      • Mana-cost reductions on cards such as Dragon’s Breath, Solemn Vigil, Everyfin is Awesome, and Obsidian Shard will now apply after all other mana cost changes, such as the effects from cards like Naga Sea Witch.
      • Arena updates
        • Vicious Fledgling can no longer be drafted in the Arena
        • The first two picks in an Arena draft are no longer more likely to include synergy-based cards.
        • Small appearance rate adjustments have been made to a number of cards.
        • Stay updated on Arena rules on the forums.
  • Have Amazon (Twitch) Prime? In November you will get a Golden Classic Pack, which contains 5 golden cards. The pack will be available from Nov 6 until Jan 9. It does not follow any pity timer rules.
  • Hallow’s End will be visiting Fireside Gatherings between October 9 and November 5. They will have a new hero, Nemsy Necrofizzle, if you play at any Fireside Brawl starting on October 17th. And she will continue to be available after Hallow’s End, ends.
  • BlizzCon Digital Goodies Update
    • Hearthstone – Golden Legendary to be revealed after BlizzCon
    • World of Warcraft – Stormwind Skychaser and Orgrimmar Interceptor
    • Overwatch – BlizzCon 2017 Winston Skin
    • Starcraft II – Junker SCV, Probe and Drone skins
    • Heroes of the Storm – Nexus Razorback Mount … and more
    • Diablo III – Murkromancer Pet
  • Ben Brode spoke with Gamebeat
    • Casual Mode
      • Casual, like ranked, has an MMR system that is internal
      • The goal is to keep you at a 50% winrate in Casual, like in ranked
      • The better you do in Casual, the more likely you’ll see better decks
    • Ranked Play
      • Pirate Warrior and Secret Mage are currently 14% of the meta at Legend rank
      • Those archetypes at Rank 20 are only 5% of the meta
      • Most active Hearthstone players are between ranks 20 and 18
    • Game Play
      • Being able to support a feature where players could ban certain cards for tournament play is “very compelling”, especially for Fireside Gatherings.
      • He saw a tournament in Kansas City, where you spun a spinner, took out your camera and shot a QR code. That was the deck you played in the tournament. A fun way to play the game differently.
  • Hearthstone Roulette – https://www.hsroulette.com
  • See How many packs you got from HCT http://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/many-packs-getting-hct-summer-championship/

Espo Mode

This Week: ShiftCon

“Swap stories with fellow shifters at the tavern’s Shifter Convention! Choose a class. We’ll fill your deck with Shifters and spells.”

How it Works

  • Your deck is filled with randomized spells and several copies of Shifter Zerus.
  • Instead of starting with 1 Mana Crystal, you start things off with 3!

Last Week: Spellbook Duel

“Choose your spellbook carefully, champion! Pick 10 cards, and anytime you would draw a card, you instead Discover a copy of a card from your deck.”

How it Works

  • If you draw a card through a card effect, you don’t Discover a card. Instead you draw a card, Peruse, that costs 1 mana and says, “Discover a card from your deck”.

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