LOTI 157 : Ragnarosis sounds like an Illness

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  • Synergy picks in Arena are being removed
    • Mike Donais said this week that they are removing the synergy picks from Arena soon, after the next patch. Synergy picks were implemented with KotFT so that the options for your first two cards were limited to smaller pools of “synergy cards” that worked well with other cards of the same type. The hopes were that they would provide a solid base to build upon. Going forward, the first two picks will be the same as all the other picks, thus rolling it back. (source)
  • Do you have a Twitch Prime account? Join in Oktoberbrawl! (source)
    • This is a special event starting September 11th (yesterday).
    • Choose which side you want to support: Team Light or Team Void
    • You login to your Twitch account and redeem your Prime Loot for 2 card backs.
    • Equip the card back for the team you want to support and play the game. Every time you win a ranked game with that card back equipped, you help your team get a chance to open more card packs for the week. The card packs are for the pros and not you.
    • They start out with a fresh account, 10 Classic packs, and a Welcome Bundle. On Monday they get 10 packs from each of two different expansions for that week. Then on Wednesday, they get a portion of a second pack award based on what their fans do with their card backs.
    • The pros cannot purchase anything in-game for real money, so they are relying on us to help them out.
    • Team Void: Dog, Thijs and J4CKIECHAN
    • Team Light: Kripparrian, Reynad and Alliestrasza
    • Each week there is a new theme of expansion cards they get and they try to build the best decks they can to compete against each other on Friday.
  • Blizzard unveils the Blizzard Arena
    • First event there will be the Overwatch Contenders Season One Playoffs on Oct 7-8.  
    • Oct 13, the Hearthstone Championship Tour Summer Championship will compete there. Tickets are SOLD OUT and they were priced between $15-$25. (Event)
    • Later this year, the Overwatch League will play their first season at this location.
  • BlizzCon Goodie Bag contents revealed (source)
    • One BlizzCon Backpack
    • Six Velcro Badges for your Backpack (one for each game)
    • One Overwatch Backpack hanger figure
    • One Cute but Deadly series 3 Overwatch figure
    • One series 4 Blizzard pin (10 pins in set)
  • Blizzcon 2017 Virtual Ticket
    • Wednesday we should be getting the information about the Virtual ticket for this year. Blizzard says that they’re going to be making some “exciting changes” this year for the Virtual ticket.
    • Livestream tomorrow 9/13 at 12pm PT.  They reveal the details and will be revealing the first of this year’s in-game goodies.
  • Want to help relief efforts for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma? Blizzard has a special WoW in-game pet, Shadow, available for $10. 100% of sales will be split between the American Red Cross and IFRC. Donate Here: http://www.legendoftheinnkeeper.com/irma

Espo Mode

“An Evil Exchange”  Kel’Thuzad and Rafaam are competing to see who the superior endboss is! Take a side and battle for evil supremacy!

You get to play as either Rafaam or Kel’Thuzad. Rafaam starts with 60-health and has the “Staff, First Piece” Hero Power. You can upgrade this with the card “Uncover Staff Piece” which increases the power of it. Kel’Thuzad starts with 30-health and 30-armor. You get the Hero Power Necromancy, which draws you a card from the Naxxramas adventure.

KT has a fun card called “Darkness Calls”  Summon two Naxxramas bosses and trigger their battlecries

Rafaam has some unique spells also

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