LOTI 155 : The Upper Reaches

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  • Hearthstone Short – Video
  • Gamescom – Ben Brode & Ben Thompson Q&A
    • The mouse seen in the official art is named Sarge. Best friend of Harth Stonebrew
    • No plans currently to do the same treatment for Monk and Demon Hunter, like was done with Death Knights
    • Mechanics they like will be brought back, but giving time for others to shine is important.
    • Ben Brode’s favorite card from FT is Deathstalker Rexxar
    • Ben Thompson’s favorite card from FT is Valeera the Hollow
    • BB has been playing Meat Wagon with Validated Doomsayer and Devilsaur Egg.
  • If you got a FT pack last week, Blizzard sent those out to players who had a bugged Pity Timer.

Espo Mode

By the Power of Ragnaros (Emp. “T” brawl)

All the cards in your hand have their costs reduced by one at the end of your turn

Brand new brawl

Build your own deck

The Upper Reaches

Blood Queen Lana’thel

Starts out with Lana’thel having two 0/10 Sleeping Acolyte on her side. One turn one she turns you into a vampire, and your Hero Power becomes Vampiric Bite (Give a non-Vampire +2/+2. You must use this)

Recommended Deck:


Professor Putricide

This is a 3 phase fight. He starts out with 15 Armor and 30 Health. Once you get rid of his armor, phase 2 will start. His Hero Power is Mad Science (Passive Hero Power. All Secrets cost (0).) He has a bunch of secrets that you really need to remove, so be sure to have Eater of Secrets in your deck.  Also, you will need to be able to remove Festergut (4 mana, 3/5 minion, At the end of your turn, deal 3 damage to all enemy minions.), so save any removal for him.

Second phase

He changes Hero Power to, Madder Science (Passive Hero Power. All weapons cost (1).), gains 15 Armor, and he drops Festergut on the board. Remove Festergut ASAP, and get rid of the weapon if you can then clear his armor. When the armor is gone, he will go into phase 3 and play another big minion you need removal for.

Third Phase

The last phase he changes his Hero Power to, Maddest Science (Passive Hero Power. All cards cost (5). Because SCIENCE!), and he plays Rotface (8 mana, 4/6 minion, Whenever this minion survives damage, summon a random Legendary minion.).

Once you remove Rotface, it’s fairly easy to finish it off.

Recommended Deck:



You can only have 3 minions at a time on the board, because of 4 irremovable Block of Ice cards. When you get her health down to 20 and 10, she will turn your minions into more Block of Ice minions, which will eliminate slots for you to play more minions. So make sure to clear off any minions before getting her down to those milestones. Once she hits 10 health, her Hero Power, Ice Claw (Deal 2 damage) will start to deal 2 damage to anything she wants.

Recommended Deck:


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