LOTI 154 : Wanna Get Pancakes?

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  • Fireside Gatherings are getting more epic than ever before. They have a video telling more about the Fireside Gatherings that ends with everyone going for pancakes and I hear that it’s become a thing.
    • Fireside Brawls – Each month there is a different Fireside Brawl to try. They run the entire month with no breaks and are independent to weekly Tavern Brawls.
    • Gamescom Tavern – At Gamescom in Germany, they have a special Fireside Brawl where everyone at Gamescom is battling against the Supreme Lich King. He has 1 million health!.
      • You choose a hero and get a premade deck
      • You start with 9 mana and 20 health
      • Do as much damage as you can and when you die, a second player can then choose a new class through a discover interface and continue the battle.
      • The Innkeeper can tune the fight based on how many players are at the event, which changes how much health he has.
      • Watch Thijs introduce and play it first at Gamescom here: (Video)
  • Dean Ayala talks about how they are monitoring the Meta
    • It’s not abnormal to see one archetype get popular early on and people latch on to powerful decks.
    • Blizzard is discussing internally if some changes might need to come to Druid.
      • Innervate, Swipe and Wild Growth – Class defining cards are good but auto-include cards into decks isn’t the design goal
      • Ultimate Infestation – Changing this card would only impact player sentiment and not play or win rate stats.
      • Spreading Plague – Watching this card. The current meta shows a lot of swarm style decks which this helps with. However it shouldn’t be an auto-include card if it’s not like that in the meta.
  • The New Wing opened up, The Upper Reaches. If you clear the 3 bosses, you get a Frozen Throne pack.
    • Blood Queen Lana’thel
    • Professor Putricide
    • Sindragosa

Espo Mode

Encounter at the Crossroads (6th time)

The Lower Citadel

Lord Marrowgar – You need to kill him in 1 turn.

  • His 0 mana, Hero Power is Skeletal Reconstruction – Restore your hero to full Health
  • One way to do this is with Divine Spirit + Inner Fire combo on a stolen Bone Spike. (4 mana, 0/8 minion, At the start of your turn deal 15 damage to the enemy Hero.)  But you can’t leave Bone Spike on his side of the board long.

Recommended Decks:
Deathbringer Saurfang – You must bring a weapon to this fight

  • He can only be attacked with weapons. He has 20 health and lots of Taunts.
  • Kill the minions with your minions as you can while smacking him in the face with weapons

Recommended Decks:

Lady Deathwhisper – Revolves around keeping your dragon friend alive and going to face

  • You have Valithria Dreamwalker on your side of the board. She has 30 attack but she can’t attack unless at full health. Oh and she can’t be attacked unless at full health. She starts with 1 health.
  • Lady Deathwhisper has 30 health and 90 armor. Her Hero Power is Whisper of Death – Damage all enemy minions until they have 1 Health. She always casts this at the start of her turn.
  • If you beat Lady Deathwhisper, you will be rewarded with a Frozen Throne card pack.

Recommended Decks:

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