LOTI 153 : After Launch

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  • Blizzard App will be rebranded again, to Blizzard Battle.net
  • Patch this week to fix an Arena bug.  There were 12 cards missing from the arena.
  • Fireside Gatherings are getting Tavern vs Tavern events. They will compete through 3 stages: Round Robin, Playoffs and a Grand Final, which will be held at Blizzcon! In addition to being flown out to BlizzCon to compete, each player that qualifies to the Grand Final will receive an ASUS Rog Zephyrus gaming laptop!  Event registration must be in by August 31st. Events start in early September.

Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews:

Emails: DeadPool ~

Alright Espo, I was finishing out my free arena run i was at 4 wins was hoping for another win. as i wait for my opponent to show up and it’s a rogue i was a shaman and was like oh no this is not good. I started off with all high mana cards in hand i re mulligan and ended up with all high mana cards again. so starting off with bad luck. the first few turn we both didn’t play anything.it is turn 4 he coins out bittertide hydra it’s a 5 mana 8×8 and says whenever this minion takes damage, deal 3 damage to your hero. i’m sweating at this point…. the next card i drawled was volcano deal 15 damage randomly split among all minions…. there’s no other minions on the board but bitterhide hydra the flames are falling from the sky it hits this minion 8 times dealing a total of 24 damage to his hero the rogue sits there and says well played and plays a 2/6 taunt  hes is setting at 6 health i have no good cards to play plus with the overload in effect so i pass my turn he goes face with his 2/6 taunt and weapon. my turn again i pull stampeding kodo i smash him to the floor to get rid of the taunt then i hero power to get a 0/2 taunt pass my turn his turn comes he hits my taunt and pass the turn i still don’t have anything to play so i go to face with the stampeding kodo he says well played i give up. i was shocked

Twitter: Wayne ~ @LotiPodcast @XcMtbGamer even considering my legendary’s,epic’s & rare’s, this is my MVP so far #DoesRealWork #Hearthstone

Facebook Shoutout:  Michael ~


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