LOTI 147 : Un’Goro – Paladin

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Card Pack Changes   Ben Brode video

Bonus Packs with every Journey to Un’Goro bundle until July 10th – Buy the following and get the following:

$9.99     7 + 2 = 9

$19.99  15 + 5 = 20

$49.99  40 + 12 = 52

$69.99  60 + 18 = 78

Pack pricing is also here including other countries: http://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Card_pack

Cool map of Azeroth with Hearthstone expansions overlay – https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/6jje9u/a_map_of_azeroth_labelled_by_hearthstone/

Fireside Gatherings – New Co-Op versus Nefarian


Espo Mode

Spiders, Spiders, EVERYWHERE!

“Spiders have overrun everything, including your deck! Whatever class you play, your deck will be TEEMING with Webspinners.”

Getting Better

Un’Goro Paladin

Name Rarity Type

Adapt a friendly minion.

Common Spell 1

Set a minion’s Attack and Health to 10.

Epic Spell 8

Battlecry: Discover a Secret.

Common Minion 2 2 2
Lightfused Stegodon

Battlecry: Adapt your Silver Hand Recruits.

Rare Minion 4 3 4
Lost in the Jungle

Summon two 1/1 Silver Hand Recruits.

Common Spell 1
Primalfin Champion

Deathrattle: Return any spells you cast on this minion to your hand.

Epic Minion 2 1 2
Spikeridged Steed

Give a minion +2/+6 and Taunt. When it dies, summon a Stegodon.

Rare Spell 6
Sunkeeper Tarim

Taunt Battlecry: Set all other minions’ Attack and Health to 3.

Legendary Minion 6 3 7
The Last Kaleidosaur

Quest: Cast 6 spells on your minions.

Reward: Galvadon.

Legendary Spell 1

After you attack, summon two 1/1 Silver Hand Recruits.

Rare Weapon 7 4 3



Mid-range Murloc Paladin  Trump Teachings: Murloc Paladin

Client message from JunkSpace:

I’ve been having some crazy long shot wins with this deck

### Anti Meta # Class: Paladin # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 2x (1) Argent Squire

# 2x (2) Equality

# 2x (2) Hydrologist

# 2x (2) Stubborn Gastropod

# 1x (3) Acolyte of Pain

# 2x (3) Stonehill Defender

# 1x (3) Tauren Warrior

# 2x (4) Blessing of Kings

# 2x (4) Consecration

# 2x (4) Hammer of Wrath

# 2x (4) Lightfused Stegodon

# 2x (4) Sen’jin Shieldmasta

# 2x (4) Truesilver Champion

# 2x (5) Silver Hand Knight

# 1x (5) Stand Against Darkness

# 2x (6) Ivory Knight

# 1x (7) Guardian of Kings #


Hints and Tips

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Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews:

Emails: From Drummond

You guys have been talking a lot about saving gold for the next expansion coming out. Here’s my situation, let’s start at when I first started playing hearthstone. I came into the game about three months before the adventures LoE, black rock mountain, and naxx were no longer available to purchase in the store. A friend of mine who also plays the game said it was important for me to unlock at least the first wing of all of these adventures before they were no longer available. Once the first wing is purchased, the remaining wings are available even after the adventures have rotated out. So this is what I did. Saved up a couple thousand gold and bought each adventures first wing. I don’t think I’ll ever be a wild player,  I didn’t ever really have a chance to get the bulk of wild cards since I haven’t been playing very long. I’ve been dusting a lot of the cards I’ve received from the old adventures (not karazhan) since they aren’t eligible in standard anyways. Ive now completed half of naxx, BRM, and all of LoE. I kinda want to finish all my adventures since they’re a lot of fun, and I get a decent amount of dust from them. Do I stop with the adventures and start saving my gold for the next expansion still? I feel like once the next expansion hits, if I spend my gold on that, and then on the expansion after that, and so on, and I’ll never have the excess gold needed to finish the adventures. I’m determined to not spend real money on them, maybe this is dumb of me. Any thoughts?

Twitter: From Craig

@XcMtbGamer espo! I want to play my mage quest deck against you

Facebook Shoutout: From Mike

So I’ve been away since Kara. I never even finished that. Where the heck to do I begin to get up to date without spending a mint?

Dave and Patrick replied with:  Finish Karazhan and get packs from the Standard sets. Build decks like Mid-range Hunter and Aggro Druid


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