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  • Ben Brode has been commenting on Reddit and Twitter lately about a variety of topics.  Here are some of the highlights (source).
    • New Player Experience – “generally agree the ranked experience for new players is bad. We are sorting through several solutions right now that have various pros and cons, and will update as we have more to share.”
    • The positive side he says is that the win rates for new players went from ~25% to almost 50% since launch.  The downside is that new players get too confident and switch from casual to ranked way sooner than they used to and get crushed.
    • Q: You aren’t doing new players any favors by force feeding them garbage cards.  A: “I think you are assuming that improving players’ decks will give them a higher win rate.” Basically as long as they are matching up players with other new players, they will have a win rate around 50%.  The upside of them starting out with ‘garbage’ cards is that they feel progression and increased power as they play in the beginning of the game.  The early progression is what excites them.
    • Q: The second thing I have a real problem with is the level 20 requirement for Tavern Brawl.  A: “The reason we put that in there is because Tavern Brawl is weird.”  It’s hard to understand, might have to have more complete decks, and it’s best to have a solid understanding of the game before introducing crazy mode.  It doesn’t take long to get to level 20 and you learn a lot along the way.
    • Q: Are you still planning other changes to ranked to make the grind from 17 back to 5 less tedious?  “We are definitely still planning more ranked changes.”
    • Q: Why give out a free card? (Fight Promoter)  A: It’s fun to do things that are surprising.  It was something we could do fairly easily.  “We have some bigger (and smaller) events planned… we’re just getting warmed up!”
    • Q: Why Fight Promoter specifically?
      • It inspires different kinds of decks
      • It’s an epic
      • It might be fun for players to think about how to make it work
      • It’s a neutral
      • Many players might not have it
    • Update to upcoming Wild Tournament Qualifications (source)
      • How the Blizzard launcher asks players to play in specific regions caused some anger and confusion.
      • Areas affected: Australia, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam
      • Aratil from Blizzard posted an update.
      • They are going to review on June 1st the top players in the “Asia” May Wild in-game ladder, removing players whose country of residence on their Battle.net account is not one of the countries listed as “Asia-Pacific”.  Then extend invitations to the top 64.
      • Then looking at the “Americas”, remove all players that already have had in invitation extended to them from “Asia-Pacific”.  Then extend invitations to those top 64.

Espo Mode

A Peek To The Past

  • Only Basic and Classic cards allowed
  • No Legendaries or Epics allowed

Reviews and Emails

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Emails: 1

Distinguished gentlemen,

I have a question regarding the dusting of golden cards. Espo makes it no secret that he employs this strategy to boost his dust count.

I understand that strategy if you want to save up dust to craft a legendary, epic, or rare card that you need for a deck you want to try out.

What I don’t understand is when he says he dusts the gold card and crafts two of the regular versions. I think he said this about the free golden Volcanosaur we all received on Un’Goro eve. The dust gained by disenchanting a golden rare (100) is equal to the crafting cost of a regular rare (100). So by dusting the gold and crafting two regulars you end up with a net negative of 100 dust. This would be the same if you simply kept the golden and crafted one regular version.

For common cards, dusting a golden and crafting one regular version nets you 10 gold but for rare, epic, and legendary the dust gained by disenchanting golden cards equals the cost of crafting one regular.

Am I missing something in the math or maybe did I misunderstand Espo when he talks about dusting his goldens?

My current strategy as a F2P player is to keep the golden version of any card unless I have two regulars (one in the case of legendaries). In that case I’ll (sadly) dust the goldens and save up to craft that next big legendary.

Keep up the good work and best wishes,


Twitter: ScoobySnaxxHS

@XcMtbGamer I believe I just played you in the tavern brawl, I sent you a friend request after the match!

Facebook Shoutout:

Michael P – Finally got to rank 10 which is an accomplishment for me.

(update) – So far I’m rank 9 with 5 stars. Gonna try to push some more tomorrow


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