LOTI 143 : Friends Forever

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  • HCT Spring Championship will be in Shanghai from July 7 through July 9.  Top four players from each region’s Spring Playoff will qualify for a spot in this championship.  Total prize pool for the Spring Championship is $250,000.
    • Spring Playoffs have been announced, including locations.  (Blizzard Announcement)
      • Europe – May 20-21
      • Americas – May 27-28
      • Asia-Pacific – June 2-3
  • Mike Donais and Peter Whalen interview with IGN.  Talked about designing Un’Goro Legendaries.  For example, one version of Elise the Trailblazer, was “Discover a Quest”.  Once the Quest was discovered, you would get a package of helper cards in your deck to help complete it. However this made the Quests overall feel “less cool.”  The Un’Goro Pack she ended up with, was originally going to be the Priest Quest Reward but it didn’t feel good enough for that.  Check out the interview here:  IGN
  • Blizzard announces New Features Coming Soontm
    • Friends Forever
      • When the new update arrives, you will be able to complete quests in Friendly Challenges! Challenge a friend, and you get credit towards most of your quests.  Quests that require you to play vs the Innkeeper or watch a match, won’t work.  The last line is funny, “so now you’ll have a reason to make friends with a recent opponent that isn’t just to send them a compliment.
    • Golden and non-Golden cards will now stack in decklists
    • Sharing is Caring – Deck List Importing!  (Blizzard)
      • You will soon be able to easily copy and share decklists with Deck importing.  Click on a full deck and when you click on the Hero portrait, you’ll see a Copy button.  Press the button and the decklist will be copied to your clipboard. The decklist will look like this: There is a code at the bottom of that text that you can use to share the deck with friends over social media or other places.
      • When you want to import the deck, copy the code into your clipboard and Hearthstone will “know” you have a valid code in your clipboard and will ask if you want to create a new deck with the one you have copied.  
      • You will also be able to import decklists to Tavern Brawls.
      • If you don’t have all the cards, it will be faded like it does with the current Blizzard recipes and when you click on that card, it will suggest replacements.

Espo Mode

100th Tavern Brawl

To celebrate 100 weeks of Brawls, there is a special brawl this past week. How it works is you pick your class and based on the class you choose, you get a different brawl.  So there are 9 different brawls that you will encounter.  It’s fixed based on the class you choose.  When you start the game, little pop up info boxes tell you a few details on what brawl you have and what your opponent has.  It also tells you about when it originally was seen.

Druid – Idols of Azeroth

  • Your entire deck is filled with Raven Idols (1 mana, Choose One – Discover a minion; or Discover a spell.)

Hunter – Randomonium

  • The entire deck’s contents are randomized and so are the costs.  Keeping high cost minions was viable because the costs were randomized each turn.

Warrior – Banana Brawl

  • Deck is randomized.  When one of your minions dies, you get a banana to celebrate.  
    • Bananas – Give a minion +1/+1
    • Big Banana – Give a minion +2/+2
    • Deviate Banana – Swap a minion’s Attack and Health
    • Rotten Banana – Deal 1 damage

Paladin – Servant of Yogg-Saron Tryouts

  • No spells, only random minions. Random spells are cast when you play minions.

Shaman – Party Portals

  • Summon minions with various portals.  You start with one of the Midevas on your side of the board. (Portals cost (1) less).

Priest – Cloneball

  • Deck contains 7 randomly selected Legendary minions, with 4 copies of each.  You also get a card, Offensive Play in the deck. (0 mana, The next Legendary minion you play and all your other copies cost (3) less.)

Rogue – Valeera’s Bag of Burgled Spells

  • You deck has random spells. When cast, those spells summon a random minion of the same cost.

Mage – Too Many Portals

  • Deck has 7 class-specific spells and 23 Unstable Portals.

Warlock – ShiftCon

  • Start out with 3 mana crystals. Deck is filled with randomized spells and several copies of Shifter Zerus (1 mana, 1/1 minion, Each turn this is in your hand, transform it into a random minion)

Getting Better

Meta Update

On this week’s Vicious Syndicate’s Data Reaper report, the top “Tier 1” decks are:

Murloc Paladin

Secret Mage

Pirate Warrior

Midrange Paladin

Check out the rest of the report here: ViciousSyndicate

Hints and Tips

Reviews and Emails

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Emails: 1

Hey guys,

I just finished listening to this week’s LOTI podcast and appreciated the summary you provided of some of the beginner tips you’ve mentioned before. I started playing about a year ago and have found some of your tips, like rerolling quests and dusting golds, really helpful in building a decent collection. I thought I’d write in and mention one other strategy that I came across in an article and have found helpful for me and my sister since she began playing a couple months ago.

As a casual player who doesn’t want to invest much money in the game, one of the hardest things to do is to build up a big enough collection of cards to build strong decks. To make this more feasible, the article suggested that you divide up the nine classes into three categories. For your favorite two or three classes, keep every card you open, regardless of how valuable they seem to be at present. For the next three or four classes, pick a decent deck and keep any rares, epics, or legendaries you need to build that, but dust any non-common cards beyond that. For your least favorite classes, dust everything except for commons and use an online Basic deck if you need to play that class to complete a Quest. I’ve followed this approach since Gadgetzan and my sister has used it since she began and although it sometimes feels brutal to open a pack with two rares and an epic and dust them all because they’re not for your top classes, it allows you to accumulate dust rapidly enough to craft those epics and legendaries you need to have some good decks with the classes you really enjoy playing. The main reason I thought I’d share this is because I thought it addressed one of the questions you received during this week’s show!

Thanks again for the good work you’re doing with the podcast!





@LotiPodcast best ranking ever thanks guys! 12 with 4 stars & the Silence Priest took over the meta.  Added Aldor & Iron Beak to beat it.  

Facebook Shoutout:


Wil frequently posts “Hearthstone name of the day” images. The past few were quite funny.  “Abox” – Wil “Not nearly as exciting as an Xbox!”

“Muse” – Wil “I found my muse!”


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