LOTI 142 : New Player/Returning Player experience

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  • New law in China requires Blizzard to reveal pack probabilities.  (Link)
    • You’ll get at least 1 rare, or better, in each pack.
    • An epic will be received, on average, in 1 of every 5 packs.
    • Legendaries, on average, will be received in 1 of every 20 packs.
    • As players open more packs, the actual probability of opening cards with higher quality increases.
  • Free card packs! Anyone who logs in this month will receive 3 free Un’Goro packs to celebrate 70 million players
  • http://www.HSRoulette.com

New Player/Returning Player experience

New player experience (Rezz) Explain why and how you came across the Tutorial and Innkeeper challenges

Returning Player experience (Espo)

  • Revisiting my Asia/Pacific account after a year
  • Innkeeper gives a Return of the Hero challenge: You must defeat Alleria (Hunter), Morgl (Shaman), Magni (Warrior) with a pre-constructed Mage deck made from cards not necessarily in your collection.  Each match has fixed heroes and decks for both the player and the AI, and completing all three encounter awards three Classic card packs.  The Return of the Hero challenge cannot be skipped and must be completed by players before they can return to the regular game. Once the player has defeated all three opponents they are rewarded with 3 classic packs and they are returned to the main menu where they are introduced to the Standard Year of the Mammoth format and The Hall of Fame.
  • Upon arriving at the main menu, the player will be provided with an “Innkeeper’s Deck” automatically assembled from the player’s collection if the player has no decks legal in Standard format. The player is then given the first of two follow-up quests: Ready for Action, requiring the player to play 30 cards in Play mode. You can use any deck for this and can even complete it in Tavern Brawl. Once completed you receive 3 classic packs.
  • The next quest is Back in the Game!, which requires the player to deal 100 damage to enemy heroes and rewards 3 classic packs.
  • These quests cannot be skipped or deleted and must be completed before the normal in game quests show up.

Hints and Tips

Cancel quests that are 40 gold, try to get the higher gold/pack quests

Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews:



Hey guys love your show! Right up my alley. I’ve been playing Hearthstone for about 8 months now, as a f2p player. I have a decent collection all things considering, usually ranking around 13-15. I’m just missing one or two key cards from any given deck I’ve made to help me progress. (Patches from pirates, aya from jade, tirion from paladin, and so on, you get it. I’ve found this expansion to be very expensive dust wise not due to the legendary cards, but there are now SO MANY EPIC cards required in decks now. Seems like every deck is running 1-2 legendaries, and a mess load of epics. Anyway, I have saved about 4500 dust, and I’m not sure if I go all out on making one really solid, legit deck or to just keep fumbling with what I have. My worry is that if I spend my dust now, I’ll have nothing left for the other TWO expansions coming out this year, and be left with a deck that no longer fits the meta, and have no dust to do anything about it. I want to have a good deck, but don’t want to over commit and screw myself. Thoughts? Thanks!!



Hey Espo and Vastidious,

I have started Hearthstone about 2 weeks ago and having a load of fun with basic/budget deck from such Youtubers as Trump and Warshack. I have made it to rank 20 so far with Tempo Elemental Mage and I am building a face hunter. The only problem is getting dust. I feel weird disenchanting as a beginner because I look at the card and think will i need that later? Will my entire Hearthstone be destroyed? So my question is what is a good way to get a good supply of dust under your belt?


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