LOTI 141 : Salt Flies

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  • Blizzard announces that Hearthstone has surpassed 70 million players!  As a celebration, they are giving EVERYONE 3 Un’Goro packs!  Just login to redeem.
  • Hearthstone Esports Twitter account posted this interesting message on April 28th.  “The top 64 from Ranked Wild in May can qualify for an upcoming official Wild Tournament! More info to come.” – Twitter
  • Ben Brode hits Legend ranking.  “Swapped 2 Golakka Crawlers for 2 Hungry Crabs a couple hours ago and went from Rank 3 -> Legend tonight!”  – Twitter
  • This week’s Brawl is the Heroic Brawl.
  • Conversation with Ben Brode this past week (Link)
    • Ramping up a team for Adventures, which will be releasing alongside the next expansion, as mentioned already.  Adventures are free for players and it will reward card packs.
    • The community “hugely” affects the final design of the game.
    • Top concern for the team is making the game as fun as it can be for as many players as possible.
    • Feedback from Un’Goro has shown that the expansion has been super fun.
    • Feedback on pricing shows that they have some discussion to do internally.

Espo Mode

Servant of Yogg Saron Tryouts 3rd time seeing this one

Getting Better

We talked a bit last week about the current Meta, discussing some of the more informative resources like Vicious Syndicate’s Meta Report (Report).  Well the most recent report came out and I’m not surprised by the main story.  Paladin decks have risen up over the past week. This includes the Murloc, Midrange and even the Control Paladin decks. However what is surprising is that Mage has come along as well.  This was very interesting in that a new deck was introduced that has been quite effective.  It’s PsyGuenther Discover Burn Mage.  What is making this deck work so well is that it’s much less vulnerable to decks that access to healing. It utilizes Medivh as a value engine in order to beat control decks.  Another player, B787, added in Elise which adds another win condition to the deck.  B787’s Elise Burn Mage

Pirate Warrior still rules the roost overall but that lead was reduced quite a bit.  The other big Warrior deck, the Taunt Warrior dropped significantly (30% drop) with the rise of the Paladin decks, which it’s weak too.  Rogue decks also fell across the board with everyone focusing to counter them and their quest.

Another class dropping quite a bit is the Hunter.  Even though it’s in a much better place than it was back in previous expansions, it’s not being played as much in the Legend levels.

Druid is coming back with a rise of the Token Druid deck.  It’s matchups against other aggressive decks, is making it quite useful.

Priest is having a problem getting traction. Lots of different decks are being experimented with and nothing has seem to found purchase quite yet.

The overall look of the meta is quite interesting. There is no class with over 20% representation.  And no archetype that even passes 10% representation.  Almost every class has multiple archetypes with a wide range of playstyles.

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