LOTI 140 : Meta Report

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  • Mobile deck tracker fix coming in next patch on Android
  • Hearthstone Android nominated for “Best Multiplayer Game” in yearly Google Play Awards
  • Ben Brode says win tracker will no longer stop at 500.  There was some miscommunication where it was reported they move the cap to 1000.  Ben clarified it won’t cap at 1000.
  • Ben Brode also chimed in on a Reddit thread asking why players could not purchase Wild packs. He said that the team was considering the possibility of making that available.

Espo Mode ~ An Ancient Recipe

“Un’Goro has lain dormant for eons… and it hides many delicious treats! Pick a class and we’ll cook you up the Un’Goro Deck Recipe for that hero.”

Using the pre-made deck recipes found on the deck creation screen, you choose a class and go against other players using cards that may not be in your collection.

Top meta decks


Pirate Warrior


Murloc Paladin


Control Paladin


Miracle Rogue


Taunt Warrior


Freeze Mage


Crystal Rogue


Pirate Warrior

Tops the list plus it doesn’t have any Un’Goro cards in it. It just works well against Un’Goro decks.  Counters the Rogue decks quite well.  It can be countered by decks that are designed against pirates but that doesn’t slow down the deck much.  The biggest threat against it is the Paladin.

Taunt Warrior

This deck was one of the early decks to see action after release. With cards like Primordial Drake, Direhorn Hatchling, Tar Creeper and Stonehill Defender, it was tough to beat. However there are a few alternative versions out there geared towards avoiding the Freeze Mage, which still gives it trouble.

Crystal Rogue

Does amazing against decks that can’t pressure it in the early game.  But gets destroyed by those that do as well as many Mage decks. One major problem it has is that everyone is trying to work against it since it has been seen a lot on the ladder.

Miracle Rogue

Unfortunately, even though this deck started out strong early on after the release, this deck suffers from the same weakness that the Crystal Rogue does.  The primary nemesis is the Mage class against this deck. It still holds it’s own but the win rate has dropped below 50%.

Freeze Mage

The Freeze Mage decks are an interesting deck situation. This deck has been doing very well even though many decks are starting to make adjustments to deal with it. One interesting part is that players really need to account for it but working to counter this deck isn’t good for defending against other decks in this list.

Murloc Paladin

Paladin is rising up and showing absurdly good win rates. What is starting to push ahead are pro-active Murloc decks.  They are rolling over Taunt Warrior and shows very few weaknesses against the Rogue.  One of the only decks really giving it trouble is the Elemental Shaman.  And on thing to know is that the Murloc Paladin tends to beat it’s cousin the Midrange Paladin.

Midrange Paladin

This is similar to the Murloc Paladin, but instead of murlocs, we see this deck using Lightfused Stegodon as the token value generator.  However the stars in both decks are clearly the Hydrologist and Stonehill Defender.

Deck’s Espo is playing with…



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