LOTI 138 : Un’Goro Live

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What Legendary cards did you get?

Vastidious (Currently at 4610 dust)

  • Opened (16 Golden Cards)
    • The Caverns Below (Rogue Legendary Quest)
    • Sherazin, Corpse Flower (Rogue Legendary)
    • Clutchmother Zevas (Warlock Legendary)
    • Kalimos, Primal Lord (Shaman Legendary)
  • Crafted
    • Elise the Trailblazer
    • Lyra the Sunshard

Espo (265 dust)

  • Opened
    • Kalimos, Primal Lord (Shaman Legendary)
    • Tyrantus (Druid Legendary)
    • Swamp King Dredd (Hunter Legendary)
  • Crafted
    • The Marsh Queen (Hunter Quest)
    • The Last Kaleidosaur (Paladin Quest)
    • The Caverns Below (Rogue Quest)
    • Unite the Murlocs (Shaman Quest)


  • Ben Brode says “We are in final design on the next expansion, initial design on the one after that, and conceptions the one after that.” Twitter
  • This week Blizzard has had issues with the login servers several times.  They say the issues are fixed now, but it’s been more frequent than it has been in the past.
  • And as usual, players are complaining about the number of Legendary cards opened.  Pitytracker says otherwise (Pitytracker)
  • Global Games started today (April 11th-April 14th) 48 teams of four representing their countries. Best of five, class vs class format with 9 unique classes per team.  Each player has two classes they are able to play.  The 9th class is designated the “Ace deck” used for game five.

Espo Mode

The Masked Ball

How it Works

  • Build your own deck!
  • Each time a minion dies, it will be replaced with another that has a cost which is 2 less.
  • This is achieved through a Deathrattle effect that each card will receive when it is played from your hand.
  • If a card summons a minion to the field, you won’t receive the Deathrattle enchantment on it and thus, no spawn on death.
  • Cards put into play from the Deathrattle won’t have the Deathrattle again.
  • Transform effects won’t have the Deathrattle.
  • Minions must be at least a 2-drop in order to receive the Deathrattle effect.

Deck Highlights and Favorite cards

Blizzard provided Hunter recipe: Dinomancer

Miracle Priest

  • Circle of Healing x2
  • Binding Heal x2
  • Inner Fire
  • Northshire Cleric x2
  • Potion of Madness x2
  • Divine Spirit x2
  • Novice Engineer x2
  • Radiant Elemental x2
  • Shadow Vision x2
  • Shadow Word: Pain x2
  • Wild Pyromancer x2
  • Acolyte of Pain x2
  • Shadow Word: Death
  • Auchenai Soulpriest x2
  • Elise the Trailblazer
  • Lyra the Sunshard

Easy Mode Hunter

  • Alleycat x2
  • Jeweled Macaw x2
  • Crackling Razormaw x2
  • Dinomancy
  • Golakka Crawler x2
  • Kindly Grandmother x2
  • Scavenging Hyena x2
  • Animal Companion x2
  • Deadly Shot x2
  • Eaglehorn Bow x2
  • Kill Command x2
  • Rat Pack
  • Unleash the Hounds x2
  • Houndmaster x2
  • Tundra Rhino x2
  • Savannah Highmane x2

Favorite cards: Dinomancer

The Last Buff – Espo’s Deck

  • Adaptation x2
  • Argent Squire x2
  • Blessing of Might x2
  • Blessing of Wisdom x2
  • Divine Strength x2
  • Hand of Protection x2
  • Humility x2
  • The Last Kaleidasaur
  • Hydrologist x2
  • Mana Addict
  • Primalfin Champion x2
  • Devilsaur Egg
  • Divine Favor x2
  • Blessing of Kings x2
  • Truesilver Champion x2
  • Spikeridged Steed x2
  • Yogg Saron


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