LOTI 136 : The Last Kaleidosaur


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  • The Free Gadgetzan packs quests are going away on March 28th (today).  These are the quests you did when MSoG launched where you got introduced to each family.  They rewarded 2 packs each.
  • HCT Winter tournament over.  You can check out the brackets and watch the VODs here – (HCT Winter)  SPOILER HORN: Winner was ShtanUdachi from Russia, beating Fr0zen (USA) 4-3 and winning the $60,000 prize.
  • Today Forsen announced he is forfeiting his place in the HGG championships because P4wny was voted in.  Apparently in the past, he vowed to withdraw if that happened and standing by his word, he has done just that.  Here is his post (Forsen)  P4wny was recently accused of viewbotting his stream on Twitch.  And apparently there was concern with a tournament he was administering in 2014 where his team benefited from a scoring error and moved on. XiXo, Forsen and superjj all expressed concerns.  Forsen and superjj both said they will not participate if P4wny was voted in.  (source)
  • Hearthpwn interviewed Dean Ayala at the tournament.  (Source) Here are some highlights:
    • We’re going to see a lot of “cool” common cards. Legendaries won’t be the only build-arounds.
    • There were lots of ideas thrown around with the elemental tag, such as elemental spells and “if the last card you played was an elemental”, but they didn’t like how it worked out.
    • Adapt was originally supposed to be in Mean Streets, with one of the families supposed to have mechs which would be upgraded.
    • And they are working on ways to import decks into the game and they are getting close.
  • Year of the Mammoth login rewards being Wednesday – March 29th
    • March 29th – 50 gold
    • March 30th – Mean Streets pack
    • March 31st – 100 dust
    • April 1st – Whispers of the Old Gods pack
    • April 2nd – Journey to Un’Goro pack
    • April 3rd – 50 gold
    • April 4th – Journey to Un’Goro pack
    • April 5th – a GOLDEN Volcanosaur
  • New video and blog post from Blizzard.  Reveals new cards and the full text on the Galvadon, which we talked about last week.  We were correct.  (source)

Espo Mode

Decorating Stormwind

  • You are playing against the AI, not other players.
  • The idea is to get Stormwind’s health above 30 to win the brawl.  If you hit 100, the game ends in victory.
  • The reward was a single Un’Goro pack.
  • The AI plays the following cards to twart your efforts:
    • Happy Partygoer – Taunt. Battlecry: Gain Health equal to Stormwind’s Attack.
    • Ornery Partygoer – Battlecry: Gain Attack and Health equal to Stormwind’s Attack.
    • Party Banner – Adjacent minions have +2 Attack.
  • Stormwind’s weapon gains 1 attack each turn.  It can be destroyed but comes back the next turn and gains strength faster until it gets back to where it was when destroyed.

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@LotiPodcast  I think I just played Espo in ranked play. Hunter v hunter. Well played!

LegendoftheInnkeeper@LotiPodcast Replying to @Ryanperez

But who won? Please say you beat him!

Drummerguyry@Ryanperez  Replying to @LotiPodcast

In a fight to the death…I was the victor.


Joseph Sanchez

Guys I did it. Finally, legend!!!!! My New Year’s Resolution.


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