LOTI 135 : More Un’Goro Cards

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  • New Un’Goro cards
    • Explore Un’Goro
      • 2 mana Warrior spell, “Replace your deck with copies of “Discover a Card.” 1 mana spell called “Choose a Path”
    • Tortollan Shellraiser
      • 4 mana, 2/6 Priest minion, “Taunt. Deathrattle. Give a random friendly minion +1/+1.”
    • Lakkari Sacrifice
      • 1 mana, Warlock Legendary spell. “Quest: Discard 6 Cards. Reward: Nether Portal.”
      • Nether Portal – a “minion” that takes a spot on the board but has no health or attack.  At the end of your turn, summon two 3/2 imps, one on each side of the portal.
    • Lakkari Felhound
      • 3 mana, Warlock 3/ 8 Demon, “Taunt. Battlecry: Discard two random cards.”
    • Arcanologist
      • 2 mana, Mage 2/ 3 minion, “Battlecry: Draw a Secret from your deck.”
    • Elise the Trailblazer
      • 5 mana, Neutral, Legendary, 5/5 minion, “Battlecry: Shuffle a sealed Un’Goro pack into your deck.”
    • Gorlakka Crawler
      • 2 mana, Neutral, Beast, “Battlecry: Destroy a Pirate and Gain +1/+1.
    • Dinosize
      • 8 mana, Paladin spell, “Set a minion’s Attack and Health to 10.”
    • Sherazin, Corpse Flower
      • 4 mana, Rogue, Legendary 5/3 minion, “Deathrattle: go dormant. Play 4 cards in a turn to revive this minion.”
    • Tar Creeper
      • 3 mana, Neutral 1/ 5 Elemental, “Taunt. Has +2 Attack during your opponent’s turn.”
    • Swamp King Dred
      • 7 mana, Hunter Legendary 9/9 Beast, “After your opponent plays a minion, attack it.”
    • Crystalline Oracle
      • 1 mana, Priest Elemental 1/1 minion, “Deathrattle: Copy a card from your opponent’s deck and add it to your hand.”
    • Sunkeeper Tarim
      • 6 mana, Paladin Legendary, 3/7 minion, “Taunt. Battlecry: Set all other minion’s Attack and Health to 3.”
    • Shadow Visions
      • 2 mana, Priest spell, “Discover a copy of a spell from your deck.”
    • Clutchmother Zavas
      • 2 mana, Warlock Legendary 2/2 Beast, “Whenever your discard this, give it +2/+2 and return it to your hand.”
    • Stone Sentinel
      • 7 mana, Shaman Elemental 4/4 minion, “Battlecry: If you played an elemental last turn, summon two 2/ 3 Elementals with Taunt.”
    • Ozruk
      • 9 mana, Neutral Legendary 5/5 Elemental, “Taunt. Battlecry: Gain +5 Health for each Elemental you played last turn.”
    • Fire Fly
      • 1 mana, Neutral 1/ 2 Elemental, “Battlecry: Add a 1/ 2 Elemental to your hand.”
    • Flame Geyser
      • 2 mana, Mage spell, “Deal 2 damage. Add a 1/ 2 Elemental to your hand.”
  • New Video and blog post – E Malone’s Journal, Week 3 – http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20626039/e-malones-journal-week-three-3-21-2017
    • Revealed 3 new cards on the blog post and more details about one we saw earlier at the end of the video.
    • Primalfin Lookout
      • 3 mana, Neutral 3/2 Murloc, “Battlecry: If you control another Murloc, Discover a Murloc.”
    • Unite the Murlocs
      • 1 mana, Shaman Legendary spell, “Quest: Summon 10 Murlocs. Reward: Megafin.”
      • Megafin – 5 mana, 8/8 Shaman Murloc, “Battlecry: Fill your hand with random Murlocs.”
    • Kalimos, Primal Lord
      • 8 mana, Shaman Legendary 7/7 Elemental, “Battlecry: If you played an Elemental last turn, cast an Elemental Invocation.”
      • Invocation is chosen by the player
        • Invocation of Air – Deal 3 damage to all enemy minions.
        • Invocation of Earth – Fill your board with 1/1 Elementals.
        • Invocation of Water – Restore 12 Health to your hero.
        • Invocation of Fire – Deal 6 damage to the enemy hero.
    • Galvadon
      • This card was shown at the end of the first E Malones journal video, without stats or text. In today’s video, at the end they show the card with stats.  But the Japanese version of the video had translation text showing and it might have revealed the text on the card.
      • Stats:  5 mana, 5/5 Beast
      • Text: “Battlecry: Adapt 5 times”

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