LOTI 133 – Hearthstone on the Half Shell

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  • E. Malone’s Expedition Journal – Week 1 – Read it here
    • Gives a story description of his first week on the way to Un’Goro Crater.
    • Ends with a ‘choose your own’ adventure option.  (voting ends March 10, 2017)
  • The Angry Chicken records episode #200 with Yong Woo on the show.  They talked about the upcoming expansion.
    • Elise Starseeker will be a card in the new set. It won’t be a reprint, but a very different card, with a different name similar to Ragnaros and Ragnaros, Lightlord.
    • The Junior League is not any of the cards or gained through summon effects.
    • Turtle people are in the set and will be featured in a blog post next week.
    • The story has been evolving since MSoG and will continue to be refined and lead to the second expansion.
    • They seriously considered trading cards and it felt like every approach to any system of trading or auction house didn’t feel good.
    • Ladder system – “There are tweaks that can be implemented like the ranked ladder floors, we also think that the distributing more bonus stars at the beginning of the month to increase the spread might be coming”
  • Hearthstone Global Games – Vote for your favorite participant – VOTE HERE
    • Vote by March 14, 12am PDT
    • Vote once and only for the country you live in.
    • By voting you will receive a free Whispers of the Old Gods pack later on.
    • HGG start in April
  • Streamer Showdown – hosted by Noxious
    • Game show format between – Kripparrian, Disguised Toast and Ben Brode
    • Watch it here: Streamer Showdown
  • Heroic Brawl returns today
    • Entry fee of 1000 gold or $10 USD
    • Build a 30 card Standard deck that locks in.

Espo Mode Don’t even ask

Heroic Tavern Brawl

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March 3 at 11:28am

As an avid N’Zoth fan I just have to correct Espo. N’Zoth DOES bring back silenced death rattles. It goes on what the card is, not what it’s death state was. Because of this it doesn’t bring back copied death rattles.



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