LOTI 132 : Un’Gor-Oh!

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Expansion Announced: Journey to Un’Goro

  • Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAHwjbKQi04
  • Release Date: Early April
  • We will see more cards starting on March 17th.
  • http://www.ungoro.com
  • 135 new cards
  • New game board
  • Pre-order will be available for $49.95 which includes 50 packs and a special card back, “Fossil”.
  • A new tribe called Elemental.  Some older cards will gain this tribe, such as:
    • Rumbling Elemental, Fireguard Destroyer, Ice Rager, Unbound Elemental, Magma Rager, Earth Elemental, Anomalus, Ragnaros the Firelord, Neptulon, Baron Geddon, Ragnaros, Lightlord, Al’Akir the Windlord and Water Elemental. An official list has not been released yet.
  • New Quest cards which are Legendary Spells and count as spells.  
  • New keyword called Adapt.  It’s like the Discover mechanic and it lets you choose 1 option of 3 (from a pool of 10 options) to add to your minion.
  • Some of the options revealed so far:
    • Liquid Membrane – Can’t be targeted by spells or Hero Powers
    • Flaming Claws – +3 Attack
    • Crackling Shield – Divine Shield
    • Living Spores – Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Plants
    • Massive – Taunt
    • Lightning Speed – Windfury
    • Volcanic Might – +1/+1
    • Rocky Carapace – +3 Health
    • Shrouding Mist – Stealth until your next turn
    • Poison Spit – Destroy any minion damaged by this one
  • Yong Woo – each class will be getting a normal Legendary minion and a Quest Legendary Spell. https://twitter.com/ywoo_dev/status/836324443722919936
  • Peter Whalen – There will only be five Neutral Legendaries in the set.  https://twitter.com/LegendaryFerret/status/836340952843214848
  • This means there are 23 Legendary cards in total. (Old Gods had 21, Gadgetzan, GvG and TGT had 20).
  • New Cards so far….
  • Shaman card: Volcano – 5 mana, Deal 15 damage randomly split among all minions Overload (2)
  • Mage Legendary: Pyros – 2 mana, 2/2 Elemental minion; Deathrattle: Return this to your hand as a 6/6 that costs (6).
  • Pyros #2 – 6 mana, 6/6 Elemental minion; Deathrattle: Return this to your hand as a 10/10 that costs (10).
  • Pyros #3 – 10 mana, 10/10 Elemental minion.
  • Druid card: Verdant Longneck – 5 mana, 5/4 Beast; Battlecry Adapt
  • Priest Quest card – Awaken the Makers, 1 mana; Quest: Summon 7 Deathrattle minions. Reward: Amara, Warden of Hope.
  • Priest card – Amara, Warden of Hope, Legendary minion – 5 mana, 8/8 minion; Taunt. Battlecry: Set your Hero’s health to 40.
  • Gentle Megasaur – Neutral – 4 mana, 5/4 Beast – Battlecry: Adapt your Murlocs. (source)

Reddit was upset because there wasn’t any music with the expansion.  So they called out Ben Brode with a petition to have him sing a song instead.  This post got over 5,000 votes when Ben Brode commented on it asking how this was getting so much attention. https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/5wiwzv/petition_to_make_ben_brode_sing_a_song_because_we/

Ben Brode Rap 

Ben Brode came through in spades!  He actually did it.  I highly recommend you listen to it at 1.5 speed. Today it actually it the top post on Reddit, which is amazing.  It has over 30,000 upvotes right now  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEmnpRSgqQk

  • Mike Donais talked today with Shaun from Tempo Storm.
    • There will be at least one other card in Un’Goro that works with Deathrattle minions.
    • Adapt will be seen on more than just Battlecry activation. There are spells for Adapt similar to those that make use of the Discover mechanic.
    • Elementals are a focus for the set.  They are “important” and “very cool”. Not ready to talk about interactions yet.
    • Quests
      • Meant to be late game cards that you build up so that they don’t feel that they need to add ways to slow them down.
      • They take up a Secret slot, which means you can only have 4 Secrets if you have a Quest active.
      • One Quest can be active at a time per player.
      • They can activate on either player’s turns, much like the old version of secrets.
    • Arena
      • The team is exploring ways to iterate on Arena and they expect to experiment over the next year.
      • The first changes aren’t permanent and it might even be interesting to change it up.
      • With their new Arena technology, Quests aren’t available in drafts.

Additional Updates not related to Un’Goro:

  • Yong Woo
    • A majority of players don’t use 18 deck slots.  He would like to see import and export options to solve the issue.
    • One designer is focusing on figuring out a way to allow players to more easily get wild cards they are missing.
    • Some promotional heroes and card backs will be coming back during the YotM.
    • No current plans to give end of month rewards for both formats. Don’t want to force players to play both modes.

Hearthstone Patch out

    • Prep for Year of the Mammoth changes
    • Pre-purchase is live.
    • Arena changes are live
      • Arena drafts will be using the Standard format
      • Common and Basic cards will show up less than before
      • More spells in the drafts
      • Neutral Classic cards will show up less frequently.
      • Flamestrike and Abyssal Enforcer specifically will show up 50% less.
      • Golden cards will now appear in the Arena
        • If you own 1 golden copy of a card, the first copy of the card you get in Arena will be golden.
        • If you own 2 golden copies, all copies you get in Arena will be golden.
        • Owning a golden Legendary will make every copy golden.
        • They will be adding an option later this year to completely de-goldenize your deck, post draft.
    • Balance changes are in now
      • Small-Time Buccaneer’s health lowered from 2 to 1
      • Spirit Claws now cost 2 mana
    • And update was made with matchmaking at the top-end to make it a little better in terms of finding you a match against someone with a closer MMR.
    • Testing out a new account creation process for mobile devices.
    • Emperor Cobra, Pit Snake, Patient Assassin and Maexxna now have a new keyword: Poisonous.  This replaces the text, “Destroy any minion damaged by this minion.”

Espo Mode

Gadgetzan Throw-Down

Brand new brawl – “The three bosses of Gadgetzan have decided to throw down themselves! They’ll be armed with decks of Mean Streets cards from their factions!

You are randomly given one of the three heroes: Kazakus, Aya Blackpaw, or Don Han’Cho.  Each hero has decks made out of synergistic Gadgetzan cards relevant to their factions.

Kazakus (The Kabal) – Potions everywhere

Hero Power – Brew Potion – gives you a random potion for 2 mana

Aya Blackpaw (The Jade Lotus) – Jade Golems

Hero Power – Construct Golem – summons a Jade Golem for 4 mana

Don Han’Cho (The Grimy Goons) – Hand Buffs

Hero Power – Smuggle – Grants +2/+2 to a random minion in your hand.

Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews: 0

Emails: 2

From: John Urick

Subject: Love the Work

Being a father and in his 30s I have had a hard time connecting with a lot of the hearthstone podcasts until I stumbled upon your podcast a couple weeks ago. It’s really fun to hear both of your takes on your experience playing and it gives me something to look forward to on Saturdays when I work my overnight shift.  Your podcast is the only podcast I have actually recommended to my friends.

Keep up the good work and thanks for the great content!

Andy is Awesome

Great Podcast!  I listen on Android with the BeyondPod App.  Your latest episode “Mammoth Proportions” hasn’t been added yet.  Hope all is going well.  Can’t wait for your next episode since the Un’goro announcement.


Yong Woo@ywoo_dev  Feb 24

@LotiPodcast btw I had a lot of fun listening to you reminisce about how you two got together. 🙂


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