LOTI 131 : Mammoth Proportions

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  • Year of the Mammoth
    • Rotating Out:
      • Blackrock Mountain
      • The Grand Tournament
      • The League of Explorers
    • 6 cards from Classic moving to Wild-only. Calling it the “Hall of Fame set”. If you own any of these cards, you will get to keep them and gain dust equal to their creation value when the rotation goes live. These cards will no longer be found in packs once the update occurs.
      • It’s recommended to craft these cards if you don’t have them so that you get the free dust from Blizzard. (especially the Golden versions)
      • You can still dust them afterwards if you don’t want them for free dust.
      • If you own a regular and Golden version of a card, you will only get the full dust value of the Golden version.
      • Only get dust for the copies you can include in a deck.  If you have 3 Azure Drakes, you only get dust for 2, so disenchant one now.
        • Azure Drake
        • Sylvanas Windrunner
        • Ragnaros the Firelord
        • Power Overwhelming
        • Ice Lance
        • Conceal
    • No Adventures this year.  We will see 3 ~130 card expansions
      • The 2nd and 3rd expansions will feature a playable story, like an adventure. More details coming later on this.
      • Cards will come only from card packs.
    • A Heroic Tavern Brawl will be going live sometime after the first expansion releases, using the Wild format.
    • Blizzard is going to work on more Wild Tournaments
    • Daily Login rewards – At the start will include Dust, Gold, Expansion packs and a “few other surprises”
    • New Hero: Rogue – Maiev Shadowsong
      • Win 10 games of Hearthstone in Standard or Casual mode when the rotation happens.
    • There will be some Deathrattle build-arounds in upcoming sets.
    • Fireside Gatherings are getting more attention this year. Adding additional in-client features to support Fireside Gatherings.
    • Blizzard considering un-nerfing Molten Giant and putting it in the Hall of Fame set for the 2018 rotation.
    • Yong Woo stated they are thinking of adding a profile page with a player’s favorite decks and cards. — Get clarification
  • Developer Insights Q&A – Live Stream here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/123747776
    • Will see a blog post later this week about the upcoming changes to Arena.
    • Missions in the expansions will be harder than they were in Adventures.
    • Don’t plan current to do heroics.
    • 40% of all players on ladder are around rank 20.
    • They are experimenting with Stealth, Deathrattle and Tricks with Rogues.  Some Thievery too.

Espo Mode ~ Blood Magic

“How much are you willing to sacrifice for power? All your spells will cost health instead of mana!”

  • Violet Illusionist does work and can be used to prevent damage to yourself when using spells.
  • Animated Armor will reduce any damage you take from casting a spell to 1.
  • You can’t play a spell if you don’t have enough health regardless of if you have Violet Illusionist and Animated Armor.
  • Gadgetzan Auctioneer saw lots of play by me (Espo) in my Druid deck
  • Lots of heal spells were used with Druid

Getting Better

I just tweeted at lotipodcast 2 candidates for your fun deck challenge, wanted to mention a few things about my decks.  My Twitter handle is @mherrick84.

1:  klepto priest- the dream is stealing an opponent’s minion “until end of turn” but then brewmastering into hand, or transforming with Tinkmaster (because who can pass up a chance to play Tink!). The dream is shadow madness or potion of madness an opponent’s minion, hitting them in the face with it, then transforming into a 5/5 devilsaur and that he doesn’t get back.

2: shadowform Reno priest:  this deck I designed totally with one goal, going nuts with shadowform and the hero power.  With Velen on board and double shadowform, playing velen and dealing up to 12 damage for free every turn from hero power alone.  the games last forever but sooo much fun!

Love the show, hope you enjoy the decks.  Been having a total blast with priest lately.


Matt H, aka Sycsummit

Another submission from Michael

Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews: 3


Finding the Fun

QuantumHamster from United States


When it comes to Hearthstone I’m definitely more of a try hard then a casual player, but LoTI has remained in my podcast rotation for over a year now. Great to listen to whenever I need a reminder that Hearthstone can be a fun game, and not just a grind. Good banter from the hosts about their lives, and sometimes the game too. They don’t always get the info right, but chat usually corrects them before any misinformation gets out about the cards Vastidious didn’t read or Espo made incorrect assumptions about. Thanks from this Spike for helping me remember my inner Timmy. Keep up the good work!



Casual HS

L7D4L from United States


Love your podcast, it’s great for a casual player like me. Keep up the great work. Also if you guys don’t mind sending some friend invites my way, that would be great. Would be useful for those 80 gold friend challenges. L7D4L #1508




Gently dead from United States


I hear the reviews from others when you guys read them. Some of them are brutal. Take it in stride fellas. Your cast might not sound the best but I enjoy listening. If they hate on you it’s because they are jealous. I myself have only hit 5 and I usually try every month to beat it. I like your non elitist view point compared to the other casts. Keep it up.


Emails: 1

Hey Espo,

My buddy Steve and I met you at LAX on the way back to Raleigh.  You gave us the card for the show and well, honestly I didn’t tune in because of work craziness/travel schedule.  A couple of weeks ago I got back into Hearthstone and have been listening to the podcast and some of the older ones too (thanks for the shoutout!).  You guys do a great show and I enjoy it greatly!

Cheers! Mark

Twitter: See above

Facebook Shoutout: Same

Podcast Shout out

Walk to Work : A mobile Hearthstone Podcast


Ray Walkinshaw



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Until next show, Happy gaming!


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