LOTI 130 : The Arena

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  • Blizzard posts Top 100 Arena Leaderboard for January 2017
    • Kripparian is the top player with an average of 7.78 wins over 37 games
    • Hafu (6.91) at 30 and Merps (6.54), of Grinning Goat at 90
    • A group features prominently on the chart with players names starting with Meow. Apparently, according to this Reddit thread, when the China server had issues earlier this year, this arena fan group decided to switch over to the NA server during the outage. About this time it was announced that there will be an Arena leaderboard so they continued playing to get their 30 games in.  14 players finished their 30 games in January and 13 made it on the leaderboards, 7 of those in the top 15.  https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/5t1nni/top_100_arena_playersjanuary_2017/ddjfyg1/
  • Dean Ayala posted on Reddit a few interesting things about the future of Arena.  Source
    • They are testing a 20% increase in spell occurrences with Arena picks.
    • Considering making Arena use just Standard cards.
    • “There are a number of game-to-game quality changes coming for arena”. Final changes to be announced “in the nearish future”
  • HSReplay, has released a report that shows that if you go first in the Arena, you increase your chances of winning.

Getting Better

Arena Discussion

When I was looking back at our original Arena guides back in Episodes 10-12, I came across something that was just awesome.  It was an email from a listener in episode 12.

I recently found your podcast on itunes. I’ve been listening to others and found that L.O.T.I. is more my speed. You touch on the casual side of the game while still appeasing my appetite for the competitive side.

I’ve also heard that you all are in N.C.  I live just south of Raleigh! I used to hold WoW TCG nights at my local comic shop. But I’m sad to say that since the game has passed, the shop does not have a need for the game. We still play, just not at the shop. So… I’ve gotten into Hearthstone! But alas, my WoW TCG friends refuse to play the CCG version.

Keep up the great work and I appreciate the work that you do with the podcast.

Thomas Esposito

We actually covered the Arena over 3 separate shows back then primarily because we were going over how to approach the Arena for completely new players.  Some of what we covered still applies for someone who has never tried the Arena before.  So I would say if you are completely new to the Arena you might go back and listen to episodes 10-12.  

However, a lot has changed in the game since then. And there are a lot more resources out there to help.

I was watching Kripp the other night on Twitch, since he was listed in the Arena leaderboards and saw him draft a new Arena deck.  Turns out he’s using the tool I was going to recommend.  It’s Heartharena (windows only).  http://www.heartharena.com/overwolf  They have a new client you can download and install that overlays suggestions for drafts right on the game itself. And it tracks your performance over time as well.

Also, I would recommend checking out Kripp’s videos on the Arena.  He has lots of them. And from my experience watching his stream the other night, be warned, he swears quite a lot. https://www.youtube.com/user/Kripparrian/videos

Reviews and Emails

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I wanted to say thank you for opening up a new way for me to play Hearthstone. I’ve played off and on for a couple of years but would always play ranked and become frustrated at the high cost to build a viable deck. Playing casually and trying out different game modes, such as arena, has really opened up the game for me and I’m having a blast! Love the podcast and thanks for all you do!


Twitter: @LotiPodcast @XcMtbGamer y’all have inspired me to jump into arena. I’ve only ever done the free run. After a couple of runs I’m sitting 1-2 (updated 7-3)

Facebook Shoutout: Tungdil

Winter playoffs was this weekend at EU and as usual I was the admin at the dutch venue. We had 4 players, thijs, tyler, mitsuhide and trebzilla.

I’ll post a recap later this week as usual but for now I wanted to share the shout out tyler did to everyone at legend of the innkeepers community.

As some of you know tyler is perhaps the best ladder player, holding multiple rank 1 legends on different regions.  Picture of Tyler holding a sign saying “Shout-out to Legend of the Innkeeper podcast!”



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