LOTI 128 : Mean Streets – Shaman

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The Personal Stats

  • The number of days you played Hearthstone in 2016, as a percentile of all players.
  • The amount of gold you earned.
  • The total amount of packs you opened.
  • Ladder wins and the regional average (2016 avg for China was 246 ladder wins per acc)
  • Number of brawl rounds played, and the brawl you played the most of.
  • How many friends you played with.
  • Whether or not you met the same player on ladder twice [and we’re assuming this would state the number if any]
  • Highest number of times you played with one friend.
  • A stat about beating wings in Karazhan? (“I beat first wing of Karazhan.”)
  • Number of times you’ve won a game with 1 health remaining.
  • Number of times you’ve won a game with 30 health remaining.
  • Total amount of Arena runs and how many of those were 12 wins.
  • The card back you played with the most by amount of games played.
  • Ben Brode clarifies his statements
  • Android players can rejoice.  The last update reduced the size of the install from around 3Gb to 1.5Gb in size.
  • Yong Woo posted on the forums, that they are “actively looking into ways to grant access to new Heroes and card backs that some players may have missed out on.”  This comes from the situation where you could get Tyrande during the launch of the Twitch Prime service.  “We’ll make an announcement once our plans are solidified.”
  • On the Tyrande note, Hearthstone is celebrating the Lunar New Year in Asia by making the hero available between now and Feb 10th when you purchase a 40-pack bundle ($49.99 in the US).  Your Battle.net account country of residence must be Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam or the Philippines to qualify.

Espo Mode

Boss Battle Royale

“Ever wonder which dungeon bosses are strongest? Find out – choose a class and we’ll give you a corresponding boss to play!”

This weeks brawl is great for new players (if they have a class at 20 or above)

Choose a hero and you get to do battle as one of the following corresponding Bosses with their hero power and deck!



Razorgore the Untamed

The Rookery



Skelesaurus Hex

Ancient Power



The Curator

Gallery Protection



White King




Gothik the Harvester





Poison Cloud



Lady Naz’jar

Pearl of the Tides



Noth the Plaguebringer

Raise Dead



Grim Guzzler

Pile On!

  • Brawl this week will be the Holiday Brawl.  If you didn’t get the Winter Veil Wreath card back, now you can.  If you already have it, you get a Classic pack instead.

MSoG Shaman

Next Week: Warrior

Hints and Tips

Watch and pay attention to your OoO (order of operations)

TempoStorm – Meta report – https://tempostorm.com/hearthstone/meta-snapshot/standard/2017-01-15

Reviews and Emails

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Facebook Shoutout: Brad #FunGuaranteed with his Kun/C’Thun deck


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